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two horses YL animal convention

If you love the animals in your life, go ahead and Save the Date! The 2018 Young Living Essential Oils & Animals Conference will take place Oct. 11-13. Watch for more details about this educational event filled with product training, breakout sessions and presentations.

Young Living takes using our essential oils safely on animals seriously. Of course not everyone can get to these conferences, but as part of my team we have a few of our oily family who have been attending these and share the knowledge they have gained with us. There has been a lot lately about safety using oils around our precious fur babies. I personally use oils very safely around our parrot and most of the people on our team of a few thousand have animals that they use safely on and around their pets for years. Young Living has a whole line called Animal Scents that is specially formulated for animals of all sizes. Can we use just any brand of essential oils around our pets? I do know that purity and quality is of great importance as part of the safety equation not only to us humans, but for our fur babies as well. Of course I am going to say only use Young Living oils and products around your animals, because I know of the purity and quality and that is promised through our Seed to Seal promise and we know how to use them. I cannot vouch for other brands and therefore cannot and will not endorse them not knowing. Here with Young Living and my team specifically, we take the safe use very seriously and educate our team members how to use our oils. On just our team alone we have heard testimonial after testimonial on the great benefits. Our YL brand ambassador, Mitch Seavey, several time Iditarod winner, uses YL oils and other products on their champion mushing dog teams. We also have vets who use these oils daily in their clinics around the cats, dogs, and other animals. There is another mushing dog sled team I have been following on Face Book who also use YL products on their champion dog teams safely and with great benefit to their health and performance.

So bottom line is that I just want to say this: If you are going to use oils around any of your pets, even when diffusingjust for yourself, please really do your research. People go and purchase just any old brand and then when they have problems and then they post about how essential oils made them or their animals sick, etc, please take everything into consideration and don’t throw the water out with the baby and say ALL essential oil brands are dangerous to use around animals and/or humans. Young Living essential oils CAN be used safely and we are here to help guide you.

You can learn more about our Animal Scents line on my website and contact me here or on my Face Book page– I will be happy to answer any questions and I can guide you to other resources for education as well.

As a member of my oily family you will have access to educational videos, many files, and connecting with others living the nontoxic lifestyle with their families and pets.  I can’t say enough about our great oily family and the connections we have with them.  We would love to see you join our family and experience for yourself just what pure, quality essential oils and nontoxic products are really like.

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