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Beautiful rat terrier pup from one of our litters. Spring is here!

It’s been quite some time since I had an opportunity to connect with you on this blog.  2017 has been very good to Exploring Oils, and I have been busy keeping up with lots of different activities.  Spring is on my mind as the daffodils and hyacinths are breaking through the ground and starting to bloom along my front walkway.  Our chickens, ducks and rabbits are in that time of year when they all multiply.  And the good news is Exploring Oils is also growing.

The mission of Exploring Oils is to help women with families understand the benefits and basic application of essential oils so that they may eliminate chemicals from their home and naturally improve their own health and wellness.  Some of the new things Exploring Oils is able to offer include regular online essential oils classes, a self-paced online video essential oils class, and the ability to take appointments to talk with you individually about your oily questions.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to connect with so many of you in both group classes and individually!  My heart overflows!

In the months to come Exploring Oils will offer 1-2 online classes weekly through Facebook LIVE.  This platform has made it very easy for me to connect with more people and share the benefits of the oily lifestyle.  All of the LIVE classes can be accessed through our business page here.  The easiest way to know what classes are going on is to “Like” our Facebook page.  Then, you will always get a notification when we have a new class!  All LIVE classes are provided free of charge.

Because so many of you are extremely busy (and trust me, as a mother of 5 I TOTALLY get it!), Exploring Oils now offers a self-paced online video class.  Designed for busy people, EO Fast Track provides complete education for the oily novice to learn in just 4 minutes/day over 7 days everything needed to get started safely using essential oils!  The EO Fast Track class can be accessed here.  EO Fast Track is also complimentary.

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Lastly, because I know that sometimes we just have questions and need some one-on-one time to learn and grow, I am now able to offer individual telephone appointments.  These private 20 minute sessions are designed with you in mind and can be scheduled here.  All appointments are also complimentary.

I am excited to move into this new season with you, and I hope you will take advantage of these learning opportunities.  New classes (Toxin Free Home and Oils for Moms and Babies) will be coming soon!  Thank you so much for your support of this mission!  I encourage you to share this page and resources with those you care about.  To your improved wellness in 2017!




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