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I get asked frequently about good resources for learning more about how to use essential oils.  Learning the oily lifestyle is definitely a quest and requires some independent study.  There are a few good resources out there that can help a beginner learn how to make the most of their essential oils.

The Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley is one of my favorites.  It is a large, spiral bound book that was updated in 2016.  It is specific to Young Living products and contains detailed information about single oils, oil blends, personal care products, and supplements.  The last half of the book is a detailed guide on how to use essential oils effectively to promote health and wellness.  I LOVE this resource because it is complete and has answered so many of my personal questions about oils.  I would definitely recommend it as an excellent reference for new explorers!


Another favorite guide is Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy by Dr. Scott A. Johnson.  This book was produced in 2015 and is not specific to any brand of oils.  It provides detailed information on individual oils and is definitely ore of a clinical type of resource.  It spoke to the nurse in me.  Probably half of this book is dedicated to educating new oilers on how to use essential oils in daily health.  If you are looking for information that has been put together from a medical or physician perspective, this is a great book for you!



Written in about 130 pages, French Aromatherapy by Jen O’Sullivan is a concise guide to everyday use of essential oils.  This is a fun book that contains many recipes and recommendations for creating useful household items that can be used in every room of your home and outdoors.  If you are ready to start working with your oils and making your own products, this book is an excellent choice!


For those who are interested in the business side of Young Living I would recommend the book, Gameplan, by Sarah Harnish.  Sarah is a Young Living Platinum leader who has created and documented a very easy to duplicate system to build a successful essential oils business.  The book is detailed and even has a workbook that can be used to make notes, document goals and processes.  Looking to grow a Young Living business?  This book is what you need!


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