Life is a Journey – Make it Intentional

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So, I’m sipping my peppermint hot tea (add a drop of peppermint essential oil) and waiting on an ice storm.  Truth is, the ice storm has already begun.  I’m grateful today for the roof over my head and the fire in the wood stove.  Sometimes these kind of days make it easy to relax and rest – something we have a tendency to be too busy to do.  These days give us time to reflect, dream and plan.  Personally, I enjoy them.Live On Purpose

As I think of the year 2017 and where I want to be at this time next year, I know that I want to be healthier and have stronger relationships with friends and family.  I want to be able to give and share with others – of myself and of what I have.  I’m so thankful for the many blessings in my life that have led me to where I am.

I am excited about new beginnings, new things to try, and a trip to Costa Rica this summer.  I am terrified of heights; so, I’m psyching myself up about zip-lining over the rain forest!  I’m excited about teaching my 1st essential oils class next week and helping others begin their journey to natural health and wellness.

What’s on your mind today as you ponder the new year – this blank slate that we’ve been given?  Where do you want to be this time next year?  How will you want your life to look?  What memories do you want to make?

One of the best things I have learned to do in the past 10 years or so is annual planning.  In October of every year I do for myself what I have always done for my businesses – plan and project for the next year.  It helps me to live intentionally.  It helps me to own the year and not have life just happen.  Some of the things I plan are:

  • How many times will I visit my parents? My siblings?
  • When will I vacation?
  • What will I do to improve my health and well being?
  • What home improvements will I make?
  • How much money will I save?
  • What personal goals will I achieve?
  • What hobbies will I begin/continue?
  • And so on.

It has been an interesting process to write these things down and evaluate where I am a few times each year.  It brings purpose to my life and leaves me with a sense of fulfillment as I begin a new year and see the groundwork I laid the year before.  Life is a journey.  And while we don’t have a road map to get to where we are going, we can intentionally plan and set a course for our lives that will lead us to full and rich experiences and relationships.

Here’s to a great 2017!  Let me know if you would like a copy of my annual planning worksheet.  Be blessed!

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