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Some people say Ningxia (Ning-sha) others say Ninja.  What you call it doesn’t really matter so long as you are drinking it.  What is it?  Let’s check it out!

Ningxia Red is a superfruit puree that was developed by Gary Young and is distributed exclusively by Young Living.  It is a complex nutrient drink that will help your body in a host of different ways.

Its base is the Ningxia Wolfberry.  When Gary was alive he loved to learn about botanicals and how they could enrich our lives.  One item of research that Gary was passionate about was increasing health and longevity in the body.  This fueled his desire to go across the globe to discover what people groups were living the longest and fullest lives as they aged.  He was introduced in the 1990’s to Dr. Songqiao Chao, who told him abut the amazing benefits of the Ningxia Wolfberry (you’ve probably heard of it referred to as the gogi berry).  The result of this meeting you can probably guess… he ended up in Ningxia China.  After much research, Gary decided he wanted to import this amazing fruit to the U.S. to allow us to be able to take part in the rich health-boosting properties that the Chinese have enjoyed for thousands of years.  Sue Chao, Dr. Chao’s daughter, helped him to make that dream a reality.

What does that mean for you do you ask?

Ningxia Red, with it’s puree of the stem, leaf, fruit, and juice of the wolfberry, combined with the antioxidant rich juices of blueberry, pomegranate, aronia, cherry, and plum juices.  The puree of the berry is used to maximize the health benefits and not deprive you of any nutrients.  It also contains essential oils Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine which rich in D-Limonene to help boost your immune system. The wolfberry is one of the highest sources of protein found in a fruit and also contains, calcium, fiber, long chain amino acids, polysaccharides, potassium, and more.

Ningxia Red also contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Beta cryptoxanthin which are vitamins that are amazing for eye health.

Due to it’s amazing antioxidant rich ingredients, this health drink’s most important feature is it’s free radical fighting punch.  Oxidative stress runs rampant in our modern lifestyle.  Most of us don’t get enough rest, we don’t eat perfectly, we don’t balance our stress levels, and we treat our bodies like they are machines instead of living organisms that need care and balance.  Ningxia Red is so nutrient dense, that a single shot of this amazing puree packs the antioxidant punch of several cups of kale, over 800 blueberries, 100 oranges, 22,000 almonds, 59 crowns of broccoli, 130 tomatoes…. you get the point.   It takes one antioxidant to combat one free radical in your body.  That means that what you fuel yourself with is very important.  Sometimes a very simple change, like starting your day off with a shot of Ningxia Red, can have a huge and lasting impact on your body and overall health.

Check out this video if you would like to learn more about the amazing properties of Ningxia Red and why you want this baby in your life.

Every member of my family (even my toddler who has been drinking NR since babyhood) takes Ningxia Red daily.  My girls favorite way to get their  Ningxia is as a Sulfurzyme – Ningxia Red lemonade drink.  Sulfurzyme is another great supplement from Young Living that I will cover in another post, and it has it’s own set of awesome health enriching properties.


Here’s my lemonade recipe:

In a large glass (I use a large mason jar) I first fill the glass with ice water.

2 ounces (1 packet or 1 shot glass) of Ningxia Red

1 teaspoon of Sulfurzyme powder.

The juice of one lemon or one lime

1-2 drops of any citrus essential oil, but we often use lemon or lime.

Stir and enjoy!

If you want to spruce up your Ningxia Red shots, here is another idea:


If you want to try this amazing health supplement, you can click “Become a Member” from this link.  There is a Ningxia Red Starter Kit that even comes with a box of Nitro (an antioxidant packed energy shot) that will get you and your family started on the right foot!

If you’re already a member of Young Living, first off all good for you!  You’ll be happy to know that there is a Ningxia Red essential rewards kit that has 30-2 ounce pouches and 4 bottles of Ningxia Red.  My family orders this every other month.  What’s great is you then get points and free products just for ordering this healthy supplement!

If you’d like to learn more about essential rewards, click here and scroll down to the essential rewards section.

Happy and healthy days to you friend!