Chasing the boogeyman away

Melissa and MatthewDIYs


As parents we’ve all been there.  It’s about 2-3 in the morning and you are in a very deep sleep.  All of a sudden you hear a familiar cry.  Down the hall or over a baby monitor, your child is terrified.  You jump out of bed hoping to avoid a stubbed toe or smacking your face into a door as you stumble down the hall to see what’s wrong.  Your sweet angel is crying and shaking, and has obviously just had a very bad dream.  What do you do?  You snuggle, and sing songs, and just try to chase Mr. Boogeyman away again.

It’s so hard when you have a little face looking at you with tear streaks and a face full of fear.  How do you explain that it’s not real and that they are completely safe?  Sometimes the best thing you can give them is your time, your arms, your heart, and your oils.

Grace started to have bad dreams/night terrors when she was about 18 months old.  All of a sudden we would hear howling over the baby monitor and I would do the groggy stumble walk to her room.  When your child is that afraid, sometimes they don’t know how to let you comfort them.  I would try to hold the bottle near her and she would push my hands away because she was still to terrified and couldn’t separate reality from fiction.

One thing that I have found that works very well for us is for me to put a drop of oil in my hands and just caress her face.  She can smell the oils on me and all she is sensing is her mommy loving on her and chasing all the bad guys away.  We stand by her bed and do the mommy rock, where I lay her head on my shoulder and sway back and forth.

Sometimes your kids just need to know that you’re there for them anytime, anyplace, for any reason.


If you want an easy item to grab so that you can apply oils to your kiddo directly then this is a great one for those sleepy but scary nights:


You can buy roller bottles very cheaply at amazon.  Here are some cute ones. 

Young Living has a great carrier oil that will work for any roll on or DIY recipe.  It’s called V6.  It has 6 different carrier oils in it.  You can learn more about the awesome ingredients of V6 HERE.


Another awesome option to help kiddos feel more secure and to give them a safe way to use their oils is to use an oil bear.  When I went to the Young Living International Grand Convention in 2018, there was an awesome vendor who was selling these cute little bears.  They even had a little storybook and feelings flashcards, in case your little can’t verbalize their feelings yet.  Gracie loves her Ooo bear (oil bear).

Get your own HERE

I hope this helps your little to feel a bit more at peace at night.  With peace and calming, the boogeyman better back off!  This mama ain’t playin.

Sweet dreams everyone