What is Sulfurzyme?

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Soooo… there are things that most of us know we should do, but often take for granted.  Things like eating healthy, making sure our bodies get enough rest, trying to take time for ourselves and do self care, exercise helps your body to function better and increases your overall health, praying and making sure you are in a positive mental space, and limiting negativity and the stressors in our life.

In the above (run on) sentence, how many of these issues do you feel like you could give yourself a pat on the back for really getting in balance?  One? None?  

Everyone has “busy issues”.  Things creep in that take our focus from our basic needs and let the issues of life TAKE OVER.

So what’s the solution?  

First of all, we should always strive for balance.  Not one of us was designed to function on zero sleep or go for weeks without a healthy meal.  Sometimes though, you can do a lot of things right and your body still needs more.  

This is where supplements come in.  They are designed to “supplement” a healthy lifestyle so your body can perform at its best, even down to the cellular level.  They bridge the gaps that exist in the SAD Standard American Diet.  

One of my favorites is Sulfurzyme.  This supplements purpose is to bridge the gaps left by modern farming practices that has depleted the soil of natural sulfur.  It is very difficult to get  the amount of sulfur your body needs through diet alone.  

This article from LiveStrong gives you all of the reasons why you should supplement sulfur in your diet and what can happen in your body when you are sulfur deficient.


One of the key elements of the article is that sulfur is KEY in maintaining your cell structure and allowing your body to rid itself of toxins through your liver.  Sulfur deficiency can even prevent you from obtaining the amount of oxygen your body really needs through your lungs.  Sulfur is pretty important!  

So what can you do?  Enter SULFURZYME

Available in both capsules and a powder, this Young Living supplement uses MSM, and organic form of sulfur called methylsulfonylmethane.  This is then paired with dried wolf berry puree.  There is also stevia in the powdered form which is amazing as a lemonade drink!  The dried wolf berry gives added antioxidant power just like you find in Ningxia Red.

If you have issues with your skin, joints, immune system, or just want to boost your overall functionality in you body you have to try Sulfurzyme!

Here’s my Sulfurzyme lemonade recipe:

In a large mason jar filled with ice water squeeze the juice of an entire lemon or lime into the jar

Add 1-2 oz Ningxia Red

1 – 1 1/2 tsp of Sulfurzyme powder

1-2 drops of essential oil ( I like the citrus ones)

Mix well and enjoy


P.S.  Most people don’t like the taste of Mineral Essence (i.e. tastes like earwax or equally disturbing taste comparison).  Mineral Essence helps with so many issues, throwing it in the Sulfurzyme lemonade is a GREAT way to get it in you so it can help you!