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About Our Team--Using the Scents God Gave You

When you order essential oils from Young Living for the first time, you aren’t just ordering oils. You are becoming part of a team. Most people don’t realize this. In fact, I often get emails from people who don’t even know their team leaders and don’t have the support they need to use their essentials properly or to their full advantage.

Having a TEAM means having knowledgeable guidance and help for USING the oils to support health every day!

Having a TEAM means having the resources and support to TEACH OTHERS about using essential oils for everyday things!

Having a TEAM means having the resources necessary to earn substantial INCOME from sharing that information with others to support their health!

Having a TEAM means SUPPORT, whether it’s support in keeping your family healthy or helping others stay healthy.

Not just any team will do. It’s crucial to pick the RIGHT team. A team that has adequate resources, knowledge, commitment, and time to help.

I am thankful to be part of a TEAM that has all of those.


(Note: Once you order essential oils with Young Living, you cannot switch teams*, so it’s important to choose your team as carefully as you choose your oils!)


Our team desires to give members health guidance and support, as well as business support for those who decide to pursue that avenue as well. (Keep in mind that MANY people start out with no desire to pursue the business avenue but end up changing their minds after experiencing many inquiries and learning about the amazing commissions plan Young Living offers. So even for those who do not want to pursue the business venture at first, it is important to have a team that will support you in that avenue and provide you with resources to do that should you decide to do that in the future.)

Here’s a little about our team!


Our Team--Using the Scents God Gave You
In the middle of these beautiful ladies is our team leader Kelli, surrounded by her daughters Jenni and Kassi, who are also part of our team. Kelli is a very special mentor, friend, and long-time essential oil user. For two years, she shared her oils with me whenever we had a need, despite me not buying a single one. She was patient and never pushy. And she was (and is) VERY knowledgeable. When I finally dove in, Kelli patiently spent over two hours explaining to me the basics of the various bonuses, rewards, commissions, and other things about Young Living that I wanted to learn right away.


Kelli has been a part of Young Living for 13 years. Before that, she was using essential oils often for herself as well as her human and animal loved ones. But seeing the label on the bottles “For external use only” concerned her. She wondered why something that was not okay to ingest was okay to put on our skin (where it would be absorbed into our bloodstream in under a minute!). Seeing that pretty much all essential oils were this way, you can imagine her excitement when she came across her first bottle of Young Living’s essential oil that was actually labeled as a dietary supplement!  From that point on, she gradually eliminated her stock of “For external use only” essential oils to clean her toilet while refilling her cabinet with Young Living’s oils!


Kelli is such an amazing person to have as one of our team leaders. Her love for God as well as her extensive knowledge of natural health radiate from her. Her many years of experience with essential oils with people, pets, and farm animals is always available to those in our team!


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As for me, I’m Sara Jo Poff. I’ve been using Young Living’s essential oils for about 4 years. As a practicing holistic health counselor and founder of Healthy Families for God, I always hesitated to be particular to one brand as I thought it was good to remain unbiased. But as I continued to work with my clients, I noticed that they were having varied results depending on which company’s oils they were using. I realized that for the best interest of my clients’ health, I had to let them know that brand does matter when it comes to essential oils.


Before I ever began using essential oils, I was a nutrition counselor. After working as a nutrition counselor for two years, I realized that the health needs of people today are very vast and that I needed to continue my education in order to better help people. Two years ago, I began pursuing a naturopathic doctor degree. I still have over a year to go but the education I have received thus far has greatly expanded my ability to help my clients.


Despite having a waiting list of clients, I have currently taken time off from accepting new clients in order to focus on my Young Living team and providing them with guidance for health as well as business questions. It is my desire to be able to help all of my team members continually support their health with essential oils as well as seeing them through dietary and environmental improvements.


That is, of course, after my first priority to God and my family! My husband and I have six children–the oldest is in college (and therefore not in the photo above) and a large portion of my time is devoted to the rest of the kiddos with home education. We also have our own little organic hobby farm where we raise dairy goats, chickens and ducks for eggs, turkeys for meat, a garden for vegetables, and a newly-started fruit orchard. We have found essential oils to be a very crucial part of raising our animals naturally!

Vital 180, Brenda & Scott Schuler

vital 180
Our team also has the amazing advantage of having Brenda and Scott Schuler as our Royal Crown Diamond leaders (the top level in Young Living). They have formed Vital 180, an amazing team resource that has recently largely expanded their resources, available only to those in their team. Vital 180 offers high-quality, full-color guides for new members, free shareable graphics automatically customized with each member’s information, free Powerpoint presentations, and much more. I am so incredibly thankful to be a member of their team and have access to such amazing, exclusive resources!


Before diving into the great and wonderful world of essential oils, I encourage you to investigate not only the company’s commitment to purity but also the team’s commitment to YOU.

To become a part of OUR team or to learn more about the resources we have, please click here to contact me.

Once you become a part of our team by signing up as a Young Living wholesale member with the Order Now link above, I will add you to our private Facebook group where you can get help 24/7!

Good health is a journey, and we shouldn’t have to walk it alone!


Blessings of good health,
~Sara Jo Poff, #1565710
Using the Scents God Gave You


*Young Living discourages members from changing teams. YL policies allow members to apply for a change in their sponsorship by obtaining approval from three current upline members and a $35 fee. Not all applications are approved.