The Part of Essential Oil Processing That Matters Most

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I notice a lot of people saying that their essential oils are from botanicals that are “wildcrafted,” and “organic.” Unfortunately, that means nothing if the most important part of making essential oils is not right. The part of the process I am referring to is distillation. Improper distillation methods used to cut costs can take perfectly beautiful and therapeutic plant matter and … Read More

Why Join A Team? The Benefits of Being A Wholesale Member on Our Team

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Like any wholesale membership, the best thing is getting products at a discount price. But with Young Living, there could be something even better with a membership, and that is having a team. Having free educational and business (for those who want that) resources. Having free health help. Having encouragement and accountability. Many people come to me wanting to get started … Read More

About Our Team

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About Our Team--Using the Scents God Gave You

When you order essential oils from Young Living for the first time, you aren’t just ordering oils. You are becoming part of a team. Most people don’t realize this. In fact, I often get emails from people who don’t even know their team leaders and don’t have the support they need to use their essentials properly or to their full … Read More

Were Bible Oils Really Essential Oils?

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Terra cotta distilleries from around 3,000 B.C. have been found.

When I first learned about essential oils, I thought that they surely must be a new thing. I mean, how could ancient people have access to a process such as distillation! Boy, was I showing my naivety! With just a small bit of research, I have learned that ancient societies actually seemed to have a lot more ingenuity and wisdom than … Read More