How Do Essential Oils Affect the Liver?

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How do essential oils affect the liver? Using the Scents God Gave You

Warnings of essential oils’ dangerous effects on the liver, most especially when they are ingested, are all over the internet. This is definitely something we should address, especially because we want to use essential oils to SUPPORT our health!

I have spent many hours researching this topic in aromatherapy texts and medical studies. I found study after study demonstrating that essential oils support liver health! Yes, even (and often) when taken internally.

In order to maintain compliancy to federal standards, I can simply share with you the research links and encourage you to read them and research further. Here are some of the MANY research studies available demonstrating that essential oils do, in fact, SUPPORT liver health. Please take some time to dig into them.

AND most importantly, please be sure to read all the way to the end. Because this information does not apply to all essential oils!! There are some that can really be harmful!

Clove oil


Ingestion of myrrh supports liver health. “No signs of toxicity or adverse effects were observed.”



(Found in rose, citronella, lemon, geranium, etc.)


Combination of oils

Oregano, clove, lemon, and ginger “increased the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the liver.”


Veterinary care

Dietary essential oils support the hepatic antioxidative status of broiler chickens


How about their effect on kidneys?

Claims that essential oils are toxic to the liver often claim this same negative effect on kidneys. AGORA (Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives) discusses this claim in depth and concludes:

Given the comparatively tiny doses that would be used in Aromatherapy treatments, even orally, we can see that such dosages do not pose any threat to the kidneys, even with extended use.


Most importantly

When looking at this issue, the most important thing is to consider the purity of an essential oil. Not all oils are created the same!! Many essential oils contain fillers and undesirable synthetic chemicals that do not support health! Additionally, many companies do not grow or test their essential oils for therapeutic properties. Most are produced purely for aromatic purposes. These are often adulterated with petrochemicals and other harmful extenders which can be and are quite harmful to the liver.

Click here to read my full post of some of the things I discovered in my two years of research that led me to only use and recommend Young Living’s oils.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, do your own research instead of believing whatever you hear! And NEVER underestimate the power of the things God has given us for health! He knows best!

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff, #1565710

Using the Scents God Gave You


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