Why Join A Team? The Benefits of Being A Wholesale Member on Our Team

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Like any wholesale membership, the best thing is getting products at a discount price. But with Young Living, there could be something even better with a membership, and that is having a team. Having free educational and business (for those who want that) resources. Having free health help. Having encouragement and accountability.

Many people come to me wanting to get started using essential oils but don’t feel equipped to buy a whole kit as they don’t know how to use them. That’s where the first benefits of being on our team start! We have resources like the 12 Days of Oils Textables, where you learn about one essential oil each day in a colorful, informative text after your new kit arrives.

12 Days of Oils Textables for new members on our team

You also get my holistic health counseling services for FREE, 24/7, with whatever health needs your family has.

free holistic help

This includes designing a supplement regimen, dietary recommendations, lab test recommendations if desired, urgent health care help, and more. (I am a Certified Nutrition Counselor completing my Naturopathy degree that includes training in aromatherapy, herbology, homeopathics, iridology, with a focus on Orthomolecular treatment.)

With the Premium Starter Kit containing 11 essential oils, there is something in there that I can direct you to use for whatever health questions/needs may arise!

Once you are officially a wholesale member, you will be added to our team’s private Facebook group where you can ask questions for our team, find accountability and support, and find lots of information to further your knowledge and resources to grow your business if you desire to do that.

Business resources available through our team for those who desire that include free business online training with award certificates, free downloadable in-person and online classes, free infographics for social media personalized with your info, and much more.

If you sign up directly through this website (and participating team members), you will also receive some free resource booklets in the mail. These are booklets to help you navigate your account, learn more about the oils, learn about ways to get free products, and more. These resources were created and made available by our Royal Crown Diamond leaders so like all of the things detailed in this post so far, they are not available to all new Young Living members–only those on our team.

Another bonus of being on our team is preferred member pricing on resources from Life Science Publishing, a great place to get many essential oils books and other products.

Each month, our team has various promos, prizes, and contests that I do as well as some of our participating members and our upline leaders, so there are always TONS of ways to get free things! Plus it’s so much fun!

Young Living also has their own monthly promos and other specials which are not exclusive to any particular team, but all the above listed things are specific to our team.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the latest promos and freebies! 


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It is my goal to serve you and see that your family has the best health possible!

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff