DIY, Fast and Easy Makeup Setting Spray.

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The holidays are coming up. ☺
That means parties and lots of activities but don’t let the monster-makeup-meltdown ruining your fun!

Just spray on this easy, cheap and weightless spray to give your makeup seriously smooth, glowy, long-lasting makeup look with this essential oil-infused DIY spray.

With just THREE ingredients—and all of them naturally derived—it can be made at a fraction of most retail brands.
Another great bonus – this homemade Makeup Setting Spray can also be easily customized to fit YOUR skin’s needs.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray


2 ounces water
½ tablespoon vegetable glycerin
6 drops: (choose the oil from below)

-Frankincense essential oil for normal skin.
-Geranium essential oil for oily skin.
-Myrrh essential oil for dry skin.


Add to a small, glass spray bottle and shake well.
Hold spray bottle about 12 inches from face and lightly spritz skin 2–3 times.
Let dry.
Love your look and SMILE!


What are some ways you use essential oils in your beauty routine?
Share your ideas in the comments below!

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