March 2016 Promotion by Young Living.

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Ah! It’s finally here! *happy dance*

Every Young Living member excitedly awaits the end of the month to know what the next month’s promotion will be. Young Living has never failed us with their generosity. This month is NO different! Just take a peek at all the free goodies we are offered!!!

How to qualify :

Valid March 1st 12:01am through March 31st 11:59pm

1. SPEND 190pv in one order and receive:
-15ml EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS Oil – Eucalyptus globulus has a fresh, penetrating scent. It contains a high percentage of the constituent eucalyptol. Applied topically, it is often used to support the respiratory system* and to soothe muscles after exercise.
-15ml LEMON Oil – Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons, giving its aroma all the brightness of the freshly picked fruit. Cheerful, sweet, and nostalgic, Lemon oil can eliminate odors and infuse your whole home with its clean, lemon-drop scent when diffused. With its bright and joyful aroma, Lemon oil benefits skin and hair as much as its aroma benefits your environment. Your teens can add a drop to their evening moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while you can add it to your conditioner for an aromatic treat that smoothes and shines the look of your hair. Because some citrus oils like Lemon can cause photosensitivity, avoid applying to exposed skin before spending time outside.


***EXTRA Essential Rewards (ER) MEMBER EXCLUSIVE with 190pv or higher***
-5ml CITRUS FRESH VITALITY Oil – Citrus Fresh™ Vitality™ essential oil combines Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, and Lemon oils with a shot of Spearmint for a zesty and refreshing burst of flavor. The constituents limonene, beta-pinene, and linalool all naturally occur in the Citrus Fresh Vitality oil blend. This invigorating and pleasant blend is an ideal addition to water, fruit and vegetable juices, and NingXia Red®. Simply add a drop or two to your 2-oz. serving of NingXia Red for a zip of flavor and freshness. Add to other fruity treats for a citrus boost to your indulgences.

2. SPEND 250pv in one order and receive:
-15ml Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
-15ml Lemon Oil
-5ml Citrus Fresh Vitality Oil (ER Members Only)
THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER (14.4oz.) – Formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves oil blend, you can get a deep clean without dangerous or synthetic ingredients. Thieves cleaner also includes the scent of Lemon essential oil for an even more uplifting aroma. Chores will feel like less of a chore with the sweet-and-spicy scent and effective cleaning power of Thieves Household Cleaner. This all-purpose cleaner can be used on any surface in your home for dusting, spot cleaning, scrubbing, or any other cleaning need. Wherever you use it, you’ll feel good knowing it’s safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets.


3. SPEND 300pv in one order and receive:
-15ml Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
-15ml Lemon Oil
-5ml Citrus Fresh Vitality Oil (ER Members Only)
-Thieves Household Cleaner (14.4oz.)
-MULTIGREENS CAPSULES (120ct.) – MultiGreens™ is a nutritious chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems.* MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.
(RETAIL VALUE $124.67!!!)

**Please keep in mind, you can earn the promotion TWICE in one month by placing a qualifying ER Order and a Standard Quick Order or 2 qualifying Standard Quick Orders (Quick Orders exclude ER-Only items).

Now, are you ready for something else exciting!?

This month I’m running my own March Promotion to ALL the people on my team.


How to qualify?
Simply place a 100PV or more order on your Essential Rewards and that’s it – it gets your name in the giveaway!
*This offer is NOT affiliated with Young Living and is for my team only.

Want a chance to get on this deal but are not yet a member? Fear not! It’s easy to BECOME A MEMBER and get on ESSENTIAL REWARDS!

Ready to dive into the world of essential oils?

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