Supporting Your Urinary Tract with Cypress Essential Oil.

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Did you know that 1 in 4 men can experience loss of bladder control after illnesses, surgeries or simply with advanced age?

Although male incontinence may have many causes, men are much more likely than women to suffer from overflow incontinence. This is because men have prostates that may become enlarged with age and block the outflow of urine from the bladder.


There are several different types of incontinence, but they all have similar outcomes – urine leakage.

The vignettes below describe some common symptoms seen with each type of incontinence.

Urge Incontinence – “I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Sometimes the urge to urinate comes on so suddenly that I cannot make it to the toilet in time.”

Stress Incontinence – “Whenever I cough, sneeze or even stand up I leak urine.”

Mixed Incontinence – “I seem to leak all the time … sometimes I lose urine when I’m rushing to the restroom and other times when I cough or sneeze.”

Overflow Incontinence– “I feel like my bladder never empties even though I am going to the restroom all the time. Sometimes urine even leaks out at unexpected times.”

Functional Incontinence – “I can hold my urine reasonably well, but I don’t get around as well as I used to, and reaching the bathroom in time can be so difficult.”

Remember, it often takes a visit to your doctor’s office to receive the testing necessary to confirm your diagnosis and form the best treatment plan for your urinary leakage but in the mean time support your urinary health with Young Living Cypress essential oil.


The Essential Oil of Cypress is obtained through steam distillation of young twigs, stems and needles.

Why Cypress?
Cypress Oil increases urination, both in frequency and in quantity. This is very important and can be very beneficial for health. When you urinate, up to 4% of the volume is actually fats being eliminated by the body.

Cypress Oil has a spicy, clean , fresh, woody, herbaceous and masculine fragrance so you can skip wearing your toxic filled cologne for the day and just wear Cypress. Win win !

What to do?
Apply 2-3 drops of Cypress with V-6 carrier oil on the lower abdomen before bed and sweet dreams!


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