Product Spotlight – Sulfurzyme

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What mineral is more abundant in the body than calcium and phosphorus? Sulfur. Are you getting enough from your diet? Should you supplement? What would be the benefits? Nearly half of the sulfur in our body resides in the muscles, bones and skin. Sulfur helps our cells to maintain their shape. If you do not maintain adequate amounts of sulfur, … Read More

Can Young Living benefit YOU?

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year to be more healthy? New year, new you? But where to begin?! How about ditching the chemicals and synthetic ingredients from your house and switching to something provided by mother nature? Just think. In the shower, you use body soap, a face cleanser, a body scrub, a facial scrub and shaving … Read More

DIY Natural Highlights with Essential Oils

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DIY Highlights Many of us know that having healthy, great looking hair can really boost appearance. Hair color is one of the first identifying factors of identifying someone. Essential oils do not alter your hair color. However they can enhance the color. Chamomile and lemon are great for lightening blonde hair, sage and rosemary are good for black/brunette hair and … Read More

DIY Non-toxic Hair Detangler

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Diy Detangler Recipes If you or your child has long hair, chances are you’ve experienced the pain and frustration of trying to comb out snarls. Hair detangler is like a magical elixir, able to smooth away your cares with the spritz of a pump or wave of your hand. Sounds devine! But do you know that most hair detanglers sold … Read More