Face Firming Mask with Geranium Essential Oil.

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Put your best face forward! Need to tighten pores, even out complexion and improve skin texture? In a matter of minutes, you’ll take your skin back in time with Young Living’s Geranium essential oil and a few other ingredients that I’m pretty sure are at your home. Face Tightening Mask Ingredients: 1 Egg White ¹/8 of a toothpick dipped in … Read More

Product Spotlight – Sulfurzyme

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What mineral is more abundant in the body than calcium and phosphorus? Sulfur. Are you getting enough from your diet? Should you supplement? What would be the benefits? Nearly half of the sulfur in our body resides in the muscles, bones and skin. Sulfur helps our cells to maintain their shape. If you do not maintain adequate amounts of sulfur, … Read More