Redefine “CLEAN EATING”.

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How certain are you that your fruits and vegetables are clean and HOW clean are they? Washing fruit before you eat is medically advised in order to reduce the risk of ingesting anything that may prove harmful to your health. Thoroughly washing the fruit can help reduce the chances of ingesting the following: Pesticides and Other Chemicals Most fruit are … Read More

5 Reasons To Ditch the Antibacterial Soap.

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More than $5 billion of soap, bath and shower products were sold in the United States in the tear of 2014. According to Mintel Group a market-research company, two-thirds of these consumers were looking for anti-bacterial hand soaps. Soaps and body washes with an “antibacterial” label may cause more harm than good. According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the … Read More

Product Spotlight – Thieves Detergent Soap.

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We spend 8 hours (newborns even more) sleeping on sheets that may be wrapping us in chemicals and the rest of the time in clothing washed in the same chemicals. Would you want something that might cause asthma/respiratory issues, cancer, skin allergies and rashes, developmental and reproductive toxicity or be hazardous to the environment? Change to a chemical-free hypoallergenic detergent. … Read More

Ditch and Switch to Thieves Household Cleaner

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  You really need to think about ditching all those chemicals you use to clean with. Bleach and Ammonia are quite harmful to our bodies. I highly recommend finding a chemical free product to clean with. My absolute FAVORITE is from Young Living, their Thieves Cleaner is AMAZING. Here are some ways we use Thieves Household Cleaner in our home. … Read More