Why I chose Young Living.

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As the world leader in essential oils and a renowned essential oil distiller, Young Living constantly improving their farms and global partnerships while staying committed to the Seed to Seal promise.

With locations on six continents and more than 30 countries, Young Living’s global presence is undisputed. With their global growth, their commitment to creating pure, potent essential oils and products through environmentally conscious methods also continues to grow.

I was so excited to see these 5 steps to the Seed to Seal Process IN ACTION when I visited the farm in Utah in June at the Young Living convention 2017 convention:

1. Seed– Non-GMO seeds must be verified to ensure they are exactly the right species. Where does Young Living get their seeds? They harvest them from the very plants they grow to insure the highest quality and correct species of plant.


2. Cultivate– The seeds and crops are cultivated at precise times of the day or season to get the best therapeutic benefit from the oil. Gary Young has spent his adult lifetime learning how to grow aromatic plants and he has done that by learning how to care for and cultivate the soil so the plants get just the right nutrients and enzymes they need.


3. Distill– The plants are distilled at specific times, pressures and temperatures to ensure that all the wonderful benefits are transferred correctly to the oil itself. Young Living owns farms world-wide. The distilleries are on site to guarantee the purity and authenticity of the oils grown at that farm.


4. Test– Young Living’s essential oils are then tested extensively with at least 8 separate tests to make sure that the therapeutic levels are present after distillation.

5. Seal– Young Living controls the bottling process so that they know that no contaminants or chemicals have been added behind their back.

Do you have to a Young Living member to be able to visit the farm?
No, way! Anyone can visit and participate.

Now I have a question for YOU.
Do you know where your seeds come from, how the plants are grown, do they use pesticides, what do they use for fertilizer, when are they harvested, how they are distilled, tested and stored if you use essential oils?
Yup, that’s all important.


This is me inhaling juniper that was about to go in the distilleries. The scent was so calming!

Another highlight of my trip was the release of new products.
This year at convention Young Living has released 70 new products that are designed to help you live above the wellness line. We got a Savvy Minerals Make-up line, Baby Seedlings Line, Supplements, a NEW diffuser that can run for 10 hours and MORE!

What are you excited about?

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