Why I NEVER run out of Stress Away by Young Living.

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Stress Away – it doesn’t get more explanatory than that! I am sure you can list about ten situations in the last week where this one would have come in handy. Haha!

The oils in this blend are very unique and join to form a blend that is attractive to both men and women. Ocotea and Cobiaba are exclusive oils from the Amazon that are combined with Vanilla, Lime, Cedarwood and Lavender to produce a tropical yet citrusy aroma that I love!

It’s like Vacation in a Bottle.

Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension. Vanilla contains eugenol which may combat nervous tension, while cedrol found in Cedarwood essential oil helps to promote relaxation. Together these oils bring luxury and relaxation!

Wonder how you can use Young Living Stress Away essential oil in your home? Let’s start a list:

Wonder how you can use Stress Away in your home?
Let’s start a list!

1. You can add 2–3 Drops to glass of water to enhance the flavor.
2. I put 5- 10 drops from the Stress Away Roll-On, which is labeled as topical/aromatic in Epsom salt and combine it with warm water in my bath.
3. When things begin to get a bit crazy in our house, I open the lid and just smell it – the aroma is crazy good!
4. It is a great one to put in your diffuser, I will drop a few drops from the roll-on applicator into my diffuser – especially in the evening hours.
5. I put a few drops from the roll-on version on my wool dryer balls, I love to use dryer balls instead of toxic dryer sheets.
6. It is a nice addition to a cup of tea and may promote wellness – which I am always looking to do.
7. I put it on a cotton ball and place in my car to smell the aroma – even when we are just doing normal errands around town
8. This one is great to make a spray bottle mist – just some water and some drops of oil in a glass bottle and spray as an air freshener or linen spray, using the roll-on applicator.
9. A drop on the tip of your tongue to encourage relaxation.
10. This is my go-to gift for friends – I always have some at hand.

Have you had the pleasure of trying this oil blend out?

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