Why the world needs DiGize essential oil.

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Gary Young once said, “Death starts in the gut.” Many chronic illnesses start there, too. We often take heed and do something when we suffer in our lungs, our heart, or experience any aches in our joints, legs, arms, hands, or head, but we sometimes forget to care for and maintain the health of our intestines unless we are experiencing abdominal pains. Without healthy intestines you cannot absorb the nutrients and minerals vital for your life, which can lead to the loss of wellness for your whole body.

When you apply, taste or smell an essential oil, you are also stimulating the production of certain enzymes in your body.

At a core level, to get the best results from Young Living products one has to address the functioning of the digestive system. If there are problems with this system, the impact will be felt throughout the entire body. For this reason, the use of DiGize is a must. If there were just one oil I could choose to support my health and wellbeing, it would be Di Gize.

Di Gize contains the essential oils of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemon Grass, Anise, and Patchouli. It is truly wonderful for women who are pregnant and going through the morning sickness phase. Just massage a few drops on the outer ears in the morning and at night. This brings great relief. If you have pets, you will find that massaging a few drops into the paws will help to get rid of intestinal worms.

My 2 favorite ways to use Di Gize-
1. Put 3 drops on your navel at night before sleep and gently massage the oil into your navel in a clockwise direction for a minute. This supports easier sleep, reduces bloating and digestive aches and pains. It also helps to regularize bowel movement.

2. After each meal put 3 drops on your tongue and sip a cup of warm water after. This helps the digestive process and supports blood sugar levels.

Just like you’d be eating raw food and green smoothies
it’s the same with essential oils. The enzymes are in the plant that produced that oil; therefore, the blueprints of the enzymes, or their energetic signatures, are then in the oil.

Because of that, more and more we’re seeing evidence of essential oils activating enzymes, so when you put an oil on your body or ingest it through food, drink, or under your tongue, you are stimulating certain enzyme productions in your body.

DiGize is considered a must-have oil for many folks (especially who love to eat or travel), but we mostly hear stories from the mommies… They are SUPER excited to have found something safe for their babies!

DiGize Essential Oil is a dietary supplement that provides valuable support for a healthy digestive system.

It includes naturally occurring constituents such as menthol, citrol, and zingibere.

It can be use on the navel area, or on the bottoms of feet for the littlest ones. Just a drop will usually do. Some folks want it to work quickly so they put a drop under the tongue. This is a fabulous oil for your oily medicine cabinet!!

Had some beans for supper? Keep calm and use DiGize!