Why You NEED to Use Essential Oils in Your Diet.

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Cooking and baking with essential oils is not only delicious it is ECONOMICAL. Because that 1 tiny drop provides a TON of flavor, but let’s talk about WHY we use essential oils for cooking or baking instead of the herbs from a garden or the grocery store.

It all comes down to FREQUENCY.

Every cell in your body, every single living thing, has a vibrational frequency. When we consume things that have frequency, we can increase our body’s frequency, which increases our health.

– Healthy human body frequency: 62+ MHz
– Illness starts at 57-60 MHz
– Our bodies are receptive to cancer at 42 MHz
– Death begins at 25 MHz
– Essential oils have frequencies, which can raise our bodies’ frequency.

Dry herbs have a frequency of 12-23 MHz.
Fresh herbs go up to 20-27 MHz, which is awesome. Fresh is the way to go!

Now – get this:
Essential oils have a frequency between 52-320 MHz! This means that even the lowest frequency oil is still higher and more beneficial to our bodies, as far as frequency goes.

I’m super excited about the new Vitality™ line and about how affordable they are.

Below is a list of the prices for this new line.

Basil Vitality – $10.75
Bergamot Vitality™ – $13.00 USD
Black Pepper Vitality™ – $18.75 USD
Carrot Seed Vitality™ – $21.75 USD
Celery Seed Vitality™ – $11.75 USD
Cinnamon Bark Vitality ™ – $24.00 USD
Citrus Fresh Vitality™ – $7.25 USD
Clove Vitality™ – $7.25 USD
Copaiba Vitality™ – $21.50 USD
Di-Gize Vitality™ – $13.75 USD
Dill Vitality™ – $15.75 USD
Endoflex Vitality™ – $12.50 USD
Frankincense Vitality™ – $29.75 USD (liquid gold)
Ginger Vitality™ – $13.25 USD
Grapefruit Vitality™ – $7.50 USD
Jade Lemon Vitality™ – $10.75 USD
Lavender Vitality™ – $11.75 USD
Lemon Vitality™ – $6.25 USD
Lemongrass Vitality™ – $6.25 USD
Lime Vitality™ – $5.75 USD
Orange Vitality™ – $6.00 USD
Oregano Vitality™ – $11.75 USD
Peppermint Vitality™ – $10.00
Rosemary Vitality™ – $7.50 USD
Spearmint Vitality™ – $10.75 USD
Tangerine Vitality™ – $7.50 USD
Thieves Vitality™ -$14.50 USD
Thyme Vitality™ – $14.25 USD

But, keep in mind, these are the prices for Young Living members. Becoming a member entitles you to a 24% discount.


What’s stopping you from raising your frequency?! Get on the oily journey!

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