How do I find hand sanitizer without triclosan?

Sharon O'Connor, Senior StarToxin Free Living

Image: GroWorkspace, Copyrighted

Did you know most store bought hand sanitizers contain Triclosan (sometimes abbreviated as TCS) which is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in some consumer products, including toothpaste, soaps, detergents, toys, and surgical cleaning treatments? Its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent, the risk of antimicrobial resistance, and its possible role in disrupted hormonal development remain controversial. Thanks to our friends … Read More

Sweet Potato Breakfast

Sharon O'Connor, Senior StarHealthy Food Ideas, Vitality Essential Oils

One of the foods that I rely on and enjoy  is the humble sweet potato. When I was following a raw foods/juicing wellness recovery plan during and after stage four cancer/treatment, sweet potatoes were an easy way to get satisfying nutrition. My favorite way to enjoy them is to peel the sweet potatoes, slice into wedges, and toss with a … Read More