Free Professional Graphics For You

Free-InfoGraphic-YLDistYoung Living FDA Compliant Graphic for You

All our graphics can now be found in our gallery  – CLICK HERE to go see them.

As our gift to anyone coming to our site, the graphics we are creating are FDA and Young Living compliant – and free to use!  All we ask is that you do not modify them except to add your own personal information.    Visit our FREE GRAPHICS page then click the image you want to download (to open it) then right Click >Save Image As.  This will ensure you get the full quality image.

Ways To Use The Graphics

Using these graphics in your blogging area are a great way to get your website noticed.  A favorite for a lot of folks is Pinterest because Google Images picks up a lot of images from there and when people search for a particular oil or term, such as “Young Living” and search in ‘images’ they have an opportunity to see yours and click through to your site.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, we highly suggest you get one.  There are tutorials available on YouTube to teach you how to use Pinterest.

These graphics can give you subject matter to write about in your blog and because they are created by us, they are not owned by someone else who might ask you not to use their graphic and that is a good thing!

We hope you like them and feel free to send us suggestions if you’d like to see certain graphics created.  We make no promises, but if a few people start asking for a certain type of graphic we will certainly make every effort to do it.