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Welcome to our blog and site! We are so thrilled you are here and thankful for your trust in us to share with you easy-to-apply, powerful, safe and healthy solutions by incorporating completely safe and genuine natural products from Young Living to create a healthier and better lifestyle for you, your family, and the next generations. We are a Christian, military, homeschooling family with 6 children, and currently 2 grandbabies. We have a great passion for everything truly natural and pure. We love educating people around the world on how to become empowered Gatekeepers of their own homes, make lasting choices toward a healthier future for everyone on the planet, and enjoy a toxic-free lifestyle using our simple, versatile and cost-effective products. We love sharing all of God's blessings with others, which this is just one of them.

So, we want to invite you to look around and check us out! We encourage you to try some of our products for yourself and experience what a difference they could make in YOUR life! Young Living totally changed our's for the better! There is never any obligation and if you don't like our products, you are guaranteed to get your money, what are you waiting for? Step right in and find your sweet spot to start living a simpler, more empowered lifestyle that can lead to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance in all the areas of your life! After all, you can not use what you don't have, and if you don't try it, how are you going to know what it could do for YOU?!

We also honor your time, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might encounter.

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