Gettin’ Real Wit Ya About My Biz

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Here’s the deal; l’m figgin’a get real with you. This is going to be a long post, so if you’re reading, thank you for honoring me with your time. This post may sound a bit harsh, but think of it as honest and forthcoming. In regards to my business, I would love to clear up some misconceptions about how I make money as well as to put forth intentions for the kind of people I want to partner with in my Happily Oily After Tribe.
Misconception #1: I make money when I order an oil or two for you, using my wholesale account.
I don’t. In fact, many YL reps choose not to do that, even though it’s perfectly legal to. I always give it to you at my wholesale price with tax, and choose not to mark it up to retail price. What I do get, is points on the purchases that go on my monthly order. Those points can get me free product. However, the cost of ordering it, keeping track of who ordered what, getting payment, and sometimes tracking down the person to deliver the product far outweighs the points I get when I order it. I have decided to do this for people ONCE (unless it’s my mom or something), and then after that, I will ask that you get a wholesale membership so you can order when you like.
Misconception #2: I just want to sell people starter kits.
Please do not order a starter kit from me because you just want to “help me out”. And then your oils sit on a shelf, unused because you don’t know why you ordered them in the first place. I get approximately $50 every time I refer someone to YL with a starter kit/wholesale account. After that, if you order again, I get 8% or 5% or 4%, depending on where you are “placed”. Trust me, not to be rude, but you aren’t helping ME out by getting a starter kit. The kind of people I want to get into oils are people who have been wanting to try a lifestyle upgrade. People who want to decrease the amount of toxins they expose themselves to. People who are interested in achieving their wellness goals and intend to use essential oils as a large part of it. Essential oils don’t solve all your problems. They are highly effective tools that can’t buttress everything else you are already doing, such as a healthy diet, activity level, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, etc etc. So please do not buy a kit from me because you want to shut me up and then never use your oils. Buy a kit from me because you want to change your lives with nature’s purest energy.
Misconception #3: If you get a starter kit, you have to sell the oils.
NO. You don’t even have to order monthly (be placed on autoship), although it behooves you to do so, if you find yourself loving the products. You don’t have to do what I do (teach classes, post on social media, etc), although most people find that the oils naturally sell themselves and that their friends or relatives will want a kit soon after you get one. If so, give them your member number and when they sign up, YL will send you a $50 check for each new member you refer the following month. It’s a no-brainer! A few of you will take to the oils like I did and will want to do this as a side business or even full-time. That is never required, but is very exciting for me if you do! I am happy to mentor you should this become the case.
Misconception #4: Our essential oils are so expensive because people who buy them are paying my salary.
My favorite myth. Nope. Our oils are valuable because they are 100% pure, better than organic, and sustainably sourced. Much of our selection comes from our own farms and distilleries where we can control what touches (and doesn’t touch) our oils from seed to bottle. Our business model is such that the money we would be spending on brick and mortar stores and advertising is spent employing people to educate others about the beauty and efficacy of these super potent molecules. So if you’re looking for someone to get a kit from, go with someone who will take time to properly educate you on that. Buying a $25 bottle of lavender isn’t paying my salary. It’s 27 square feet of lavender field in that bottle, and it’s choosing not to pay $8 for a bottle twice that size from the grocery store, and wondering what else is inside of it. Because it ain’t 54 square feet of lavender, I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that.
Now to end things with a higher vibration! Ahhh, thank you for letting me clear up those misconceptions! I would love to end this post with my intentions: I intend to continue to talk about essential oils every day of my life until the day I die. If this bothers you, you have all the power to change that. I intend to continue to offer education to anyone who wants to learn via: books/resources, online articles, youtube videos, Facebook lives, and in person classes. I will continue to invite you until you tell me you aren’t interested and then I’ll leave you alone. But the door will always be open whenever you change your mind (which happens all the time! It’s like green eggs and ham!). I will continue to try to get a starter kit into the hands of those who will use them, and I will continue to follow up with you to make sure you know how to use them. As my tribe grows, following up will not be as frequent, so please know that you can always contact ME! A large part of my marketing is done on social media, and I will continue to use that as a tool to grow my tribe. I will continue to graciously accept your compliments and your recommendations for how I can do things better. I intend to attract high vibrational people into my oily family, and let those go who do not jive with the way I choose to lead my group. I intend to continue to partner with crossline friends in a non-competitive way and encourage their growth and knowledge, as I would my own members. And I intend to use my essential oils when I begin to get down on something I hear said about me or my business, and choose to see it as unintentional ignorance, and then I’ll educate the hell out of the internet with posts like these. Thank you for reading, and if you’re one of my oily family members, thank you for choosing to partner with me! LOVE YOU!