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35295431_2167258559956999_1815947713603174400_nHi! My name is Heather. I live in Utah with my husband and 4 children. During the day I groom dogs, and help teach others about Young Living and what they have to offer. I have always loved plants, and if you can see inside my home, you would see lots of potted plants. When I found out the Young living is a plant based company, and I already knew plants can give multiple benefits, I was beyond excited. Plants can help with health, cleaning, a detox, relaxation, and give a smell to your home without chemicals. Its nature’s way of helping us thrive. Use what God has given us, and make your world a less toxic atmosphere. I first started out with Essential oils to help with my over active emotions, and I used oils to calm down my brain. After this I was hooked. I add to my essential oil collection every month, and I now clean my whole home with oils, so there is no longer harmful chemicals. Plants are an amazing thing. They need us to survive, and we also need them.