Essential Oils 101

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With healthcare clinics on every corner and almost 6,000 registered hospitals in the US, we are armed and ready to be sick. But what if we as a society made a shift, and were better at health care than we are at sick care? I am here to tell you the shift is happening and you have the opportunity to … Read More

10 Must Have Essential Oils

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10 Essential Oils You Must Have

10 MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL OILS! It’s no secret: The scent of an essential oil can or help you tap into emotions, and when some essential oils are taken internally, they can even improve overall health and wellness! With so many essential oils available, how do you choose which ones to add to your collection? While we’d love having every essential … Read More

About Me

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Hi! My name is Heather. I live in Utah with my husband and 4 children. During the day I  help teach others about essential oils and what they have to offer. I also help other network marketers grow their business online. I have a love for animals, books, technology, plants, history, movies and essential oils. I have always loved plants, … Read More