How Essential Oils Affect Your Horse’s Moods And Emotions

Lisa Carteressential oils, horse health

Aromatherapy…is it just “hot air”?  I can positively say “NO”, because I have experienced them first hand and seen the positive effects on many horses!  So what is it about essential oils that allows them to affect our horse’s mood and emotions in a positive way?  Let’s talk just a little bit about the science behind the emotional use of … Read More

Using The Zyto Compass Scanner On Horses

Lisa Carterhorse health

I wanted to take a few moments to share with you the new tool I recently acquired to help support our natural wellness program at home for my family and for our horses and other animals.  The Zyto Compass uses a form of biofeedback called galvanic skin response (GSR) to test your bodies responses against pre-loaced product databases that are … Read More