DIY Cleaning Recipe + YL Diffuser Recipes!

Raven HannahAround the House, DIY, Essential Oils 101

Armed with essential oils, I believe it’s possible to work smarter ~ not harder.   Take advantage of the purity and power behind essential oils and watch how a little elbow grease goes a long way! I’ve enjoyed sharing DIYs with you in the past using popular essential oils and blends, so this week I have a neat kitchen cleaning … Read More

Refresh and Realign + Autumn Diffuser Recipes

Raven HannahDIY, Monthly PV Promo, Recipes

With every change of the seasons, especially Spring and Autumn, I always feel more motivated to do a deep cleanse for health reasons, a thorough declutter of my home and office space, as well as spend time refreshing myself mentally and spiritually. I also like to take a little time to reflect on my goals and perhaps realign them a … Read More