The Secrets of Carrot Seed

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  Identified by its warm and earthy, yet mildly sweet aroma, carrot seed essential oil has a long history of being used in ancient medicine, thanks to multiple healing properties. Together, its constituents provide users with an array of health and beauty benefits. This is particularly true of two of its main ingredients, carotol and camphene. Here are the top … Read More

The Secrets of Idaho Blue Spruce ~ Oily Science

Raven HannahOily Science

  Idaho blue spruce essential oil is derived from the blue-green twigs and leaves of the spruce tree, which thrive in the North American climate. Frequently used by early Native Americans, Idaho blue spruce has a long history of being used to treat various physical and emotional conditions. Two of its most active ingredients, alpha-pinene, and limonene, are mainly responsible … Read More