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Are you oiled up? L-I-V-I-N' Oily and supporting the body naturally for 6 years. Young Living essential oils found me when I was battling an illness and was struggling to get better. I knew very little about essential oils and had been using oils from a local health food store aromatically. I had no idea that essential oil companies could market '100% pure & organic' and say it was natural, but 5-10 % was allowed to be synthetic chemicals. Unfortunately I was using inexpensive oils that had synthetic fragrance and were far from natural.

I started supporting my emotional, environmental and physical health with essential oils and noticed a huge improvement in my overall wellness. I now support my entire family, including my two Chihuahua's Gabi and Mr. Braydee with essential oils. Men use essential oils too! My Hunk Adam was hesitant at first to use oils. Now he cannot live without Thieves essential oil!!

My household is completelty chemical free. We live as holistic as possible and are firm believers in natural healing. Hippocates says "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" and we follow this motto every single day.

I know firsthand what it is like to lose my health and fight to be well again. Educating people is not just my passion, but my mission. You have a choice every day to live a healthy lifestyle. Educate yourself and start making better choices. Don't you want to feel good? To be happy? To live well, you must be well!

The First Step to Healing is to Begin Within.

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