Get stuff done…tips for the Squirrels in my life.

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I have been moving through and shifting a lot lately. I know that things have to change for me to get through some things I seem to feel stuck in. So, this week I have been shifting into awareness of what I am doing to sabotage my life. I see that I am falling back into old patterns and I don’t like it.  I do love that I am aware of that shifting. That’s huge!

So, I reached out! I talked to my coach, my sisters and started journaling.  Gratitude journaling has helped me break through some of the sadness about changing and setting new boundaries. And I know it’s working because I feel more grounded.

Today I started my morning with my gratitude journal and then my to do list. Which used to be a list of things that made me feel important that I never seemed to get through. Today, I set my timer on my laptop for some things on my list.

Oh my gosh. I got 4 things banged off my list in 30 minutes that would have taken me a whole day before.

Any squirrels out there? Oooh my Facebook beeped let’s see who that is. Oooh look at that pretty graphic that inspires me to make my own. Ooh lets send a love message to that woman I haven’t talked to in a while to see how she is doing. Oooh I have 14 tabs open on my laptop. Ooh I better go do my laundry. Ooh look at that dust pile I think I better sweep.

Can you relate?  I get my inspiration from the free education and training I get with my company. Very powerful women do videos on what is working for them from things like organizing techniques to conscious language, to Instagram training.  In the past I would watch all those videos but then “squirrel out” which means, take notes and then put them at the bottom of my pile.

I hope today I can inspire you to look at your messy desk, your pile of to-do’s, your laundry, your messy kitchen or the self-care you are missing out on.  There are so many more hours in the day when you can set boundaries.

My timer just went off so it’s time for me to clean my kitchen and vacuum before my clients come for an oil class. I feel so much more grounded when I set timer, ask for help and set boundaries on where my energy is going.

Things are going to change around here because by setting timers and boundaries I am putting me first and giving myself way more time for me…and that means more time to shine.

Everyone wins. My business flourishes because I am more committed to those who need and want my support and I am much happier, so you know…happy wife happy life. Yup my honey is happier too.

What can you do today to make your life a little more grounded?

  • Start with writing all the things you are grateful for
  • Then go to a list of To Do’s.
  • Prioritize that list.
  • Then set the alarm on your phone, computer or stove and get to it. I set myself 30 minutes to get 3 computer/work things done. And now setting one for 20 minutes to clean my whole house. And if I stay on task until that timer goes, I will have it done in that 20 minutes. And if I don’t….it will take me all day and probably won’t get done.

Let me know some of your tips for staying non-squirrely.

And of course, I always end my blogs with inspiration oil suggestions. So today I am diffusing Loyalty oil. I tend to use my oils intuitively and this one called me from my oil shelf.  I feel like it is speaking to me about being Loyal to my heart. The scents of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Geranium essential oils in the Loyalty blend help create a pleasant, relaxing environment, while Idaho Blue Spruce and Vetiver help support a sense of grounding. It is a free oil I got from my company. Everyone who orders natural amazing products for 12 consecutive months gets this oil mailed to them.

Setting boundaries and alarms, one drop at a time.