How to stay Cool with Young Living

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Wowzers it sure is hot! We even have a heat warning here on Vancouver Island. What do you do to stay cool?

The first thing you need to do is use that peppermint oil. Did you know a drop on the back of your neck will cool you down immediately? Yuppers. I have a few spray bottles laying around and one in my purse. Add a few drops of peppermint (and lavender if its a sunburn) and spray.  I have one all year round that sits on my side table in my  bedroom for when I wake up all heated up. ( and I dont mean from my husband…LOL)

You will be blown  away how amazing this works and not to mention, bugs don`t  like this stuff so they will be sure to stay far away. (Use this spray if you want to keep critters away)

I also love to add a drop  of peppermint oil to my water. It is sooo refreshing, not to mention the health benefits of the peppermint…but that`s another blog.

Stay cool! Be careful of the citrus oils on your body in the sun (photo sensitive and may cause your skin to burn, you can drink them though)

Get your phone app out if you happen to have an issue with a wasp or mosqito while sitting in the shade cooling off. There are hundreds of uses for those oils in your kit. Don`t let  it sit there and collect dust. Your body is screaming for them!

And if you have an oil you aren`t sure how to use, then please message me. I love researching about oils and am happy to help you on your healthy oily journey, anytime!

Happy Healthy Families, One Drop At A Time.

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