What’s the first thing you do when you feel like you might be getting sick?

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Whats the first thing you do when you get sick?

Getting sick is a rare occurrence for me now  but when I do I reach for my therapeutic grade oils. I don’t go straight to the doctor or suffer. I do some research, decide what oils my body needs and support my body. The oils vibrate so high that I usually start to feel better instantly.

So I am baffled why people wouldn’t want to give them a try? After all there are no side effects, pesticides, or reasons not to.  When I first bought my oil kit from a friend, it was like most people, because of an illness. My body was acting very strange. I did the research and realized that I was having adrenal fatigue issues. My body was shutting down. I couldn’t get out of bed and if I did, I would sweat. I was exhausted. I couldn’t take care of me or my family. I was pretty much bed ridden.

So instead of calling my doctor (who usually gives me one of two things: antibiotics or depression medication) I decided to do some research. The research brought me to an oil called nutmeg. I ordered it and the Premium Starter kit from Young Living (without knowing that I happened to buy it from the #1 company in the world). I also had no idea that there were oils that were therapeutic grade that were different from the health food store. I got lucky with my purchase for sure.

Within days of starting the oils, I was back to normal. My pharmacist had told me that it would take weeks or months to recover. I was over the moon, jumping for joy, literally.  So now it was time to play with the other oils I had purchased. I always made sure I got the most out of all my purchases so it was time for me to see what else was in this “kit” I bought.

I took out each oil and smelled it and started researching. I started seeing that the oils had all these properties. Some had sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and all kinds of interesting facts. Some I had never heard of. So my family became my guinea pigs. I trusted my gut and my research and off I went. My family never knew what hit them. All of a sudden mom and wife Heather, me, became obsessed with every little cough, cold,  or headache that she could find. If I could find a way to replace a chemical in my home I would.

The results were absolutely amazing. I couldn’t wait to find a sick person. And I was feeling so good because I was eating, drinking, rubbing and smelling the oils every day. My vibration was so high, I had never felt so great.


My house used to have a sick cupboard. It was full of chemicals and drugs. Now I have a health shelf.

The oils have really changed my life. I spend my days researching how the oils work and helping others try them. The results for everyone is nothing short of “miracles”. I became the crazy oil lady in my neighbourhood and friend circles.

So yes I do sell oils, but there is no sales pitch. I share my experiences and I have many. I also teach people to research. I am not anti-doctor or anti-drugs. Sometimes we need them but not all the time.

My only wish is that I would have had this knowledge years ago, especially when I was raising my daughter. I know that the teaching and sharing I do will help others in so many ways. When you are taught to reach for a pill, that is what you do. When you are taught to reach for a natural drop of oil, you do. So the next generation will be so much healthier, I am sure.

Sweet Dreams….off to bed.  (With a few drops of my cedarwood and lavender oil of course)