Why are so many Women Addicted to Essential Oils?

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Why are so many Women Addicted to Essential Oils?

Although it seems like oils are a fad, they really aren’t. As you probably know they have been around for as long as plants have been around…a long, long time.

Now there are probably hundreds if not thousands of oil companies out there, vying for your business. And that’s because everyone is talking about them and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

But guess what? We (women) don’t want just any oils. We want oils that support our bodies. Ya, I get that smelling a wonderful scent brings us to great places and makes us feel great or not great. There is Science behind that, and I love that. But here is the thing…We aren’t going to stay attracted to oils that don’t work and I mean aren’t pure therapeutic oils.  What’s the diff?

Most people think oils are about smell and they are. They smell good. But imagine if an oil was grown, picked and distilled to perfection. And then imagine it had nothing added. Now think about sending out for third party testing to make sure that company hasn’t added anything to it…

Who knows about chemistry? I only do cuz I researched after my head injury to look for oils that passed the blood brain barrier and would help support my brain.  What I learned is that chemistry has everything to do with oils working and not oils just smelling good. And when I mean working, I mean going into all those cells and supporting all those body systems. From emotions to your immune system, pure oils can do wonders.

So, you get great oils that do great things and you still say why are the women so addicted? Just so you know, the people who buy their oils from the health food store or Walmart or Costco aren’t addicts? Why? Cuz more than likely (way more than likely) those oils are not therapeutic grade, so they smell great and that’s about it. But way more than that, those oils don’t come with support, love and community.

Women who are struggling with health issues, stress, family and relationship issues (and that is most of the population) are needing more than oils that smell good. They need emotional support. They need oils that go into their brains, muscles, bones, skin, immune system and work magic so that our body can do what it’s meant to do.

So, here is what they get when they buy oils from me. They get a woman who is selling something that she believes in. She is selling something she has researched. She is selling something more than a bottle of oil or a chemical free alternative. She is selling love and support. You won’t get that at Walmart or the Health Food Store.  Just try to buy something at either of those stores and ask for a free class on how to use them, some make and take classes to learn how to make chemical free products for your home, a shoulder to cry on, a place to share your wins. How about a Rally every 3 months to hear about how these oils and products have completely changed peoples lives like me the person who is selling you these oils?

Ya me! I hear stories all the time from women who are no longer needing medications after using oils, women who can get through a stressful day and get a good night’s sleep because of the support of oils, women who have met new friends who have common interests, women who have left relationships that were toxic because they were finally releasing everything else in their bodies that were toxic.

Go ahead and ask some of those women if they’d rather go to Walmart for oils? Ask those women if their house was on fire and they could only grab a few things would oils be one of them.

If you haven’t experienced Young Living oils, then you are reading this thinking that is ridiculous. All oils are the same and you must be bat shit crazy to grab a bottle of oil when your house is on fire.  Do you remember being a small child and freaking out when you lost your favorite blanket or teddy bear? Remember how supported you felt? Well oils are like that…only oils that really work.

So, go ahead and think I am bat shit crazy if you wish. But when you experience what I have in my body and in my life and when you hear the testimonials, I get to hear every day from women who are breaking through their barriers, one drop at a time. You may just want to come along for the ride.

Oils aren’t for everyone. They are for those who want to attract health, prosperity, healthy communities, new friendships, and a whole lot more.

So, oil up Sista’s! Make sure you’ve got oils that rock your world. Don’t be fooled and don’t miss out on the added benefits of oils sold to you from women who understand how they work…. because they have their own miracle stories.

I am oiling up on courage oils today because I am off to live my passion in a public place.  The frequency I emit, will attract or retract people from my table. Are you attracted to abundance, health, wellness and a brand-new friend? See you soon.

My name is Heather. I am also known as the Island Oil Lady.  I am an oil addict. My light was once dim. And now I shine my light so bright so that you can find me. I am a safe place to talk about health, wellness and rocking your life. Join me at my classes (online and in person). I love phone calls and tea dates so don’t be shy. Let’s get you started today with a Premium Starter Kit…that’s how I got started and it changed my life. It can change yours too. If you choose. But just know, there may be a very healthy addiction on its way!

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