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In 2000 I came across a concept- scientifically valid – that changed my life.


That’s right- we are ELECTRICAL in nature. Every part of our system has an optimal voltage.

At that time, I was battling a significant health problem, so began to focus on ways to raise MY voltage.

At first this involved working with a stress management software system. (It turns out we operate much like computers, the brain being our CPU and so on- so this may be the true “like treats like” approach) …

…and stress, in its many forms, is what lowers voltage.

At the same time, a small fortune was spent on nutritional supplements. My house looked like a health food store.

At some point in this wellness frenzy, a variety of essential oils, including Young Living, were added to the mix.

Now, almost 20 years later- and yes, not only was my health recovered, my LIFE was transformed – only the stress management software and Young Living Essential Oils have stood the test of time.

Along with all this came a passion for sharing what I was learning. gives specifics on the software, along with daily blog posts – but it’s time to share equally significant information on Young Living Essential Oils.

This is because of the role they can play in releasing what may be the ROOT cause of dis-ease- physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual –


If this approach to wellness is of interest – WELCOME!



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