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Some think using Essential Oils is New Age- or even Pagan- but these oils are simply the very essence of Plants.

Plants support life, bring us into balance.

That being the case, what happens when people don’t get enough plant energy?

(Out of every $1 spent on food, .90 goes for the processed (dead) stuff…so most of us probably are NOT…)

According to the Ancients, this would mean the spirit of LIFE isn’t being supported.

So, some years ago I began to scan myself daily with  SRC software to see which essential oils I needed for the day.

Then, recently, I began to work with these same oils to reach into my PSYCHE.

It seems smell accesses the limbic system, which is not only the seat of emotions but also where they can get TRAPPED, even leading to PTSD.

It turns out we have LAYERS of these trapped emotions, some possibly from even before birth.

Speaking of which – 7 out of 10 experience significant birth trauma.

But this is just a start, for many. Abuse, toxic exposure, various forms of heartbreak…piling up over the years…

Could it be that many of us are walking around with PTSD?

If so, this weakens the immune system, also blocks logical thinking.

Now that we’re aware of this problem- and it’s impacting many – what’s the solution? (for every problem there’s a solution)

How about treating yourself to a MILK BATH? (all you need is a cup of milk to add to the bath water!)

This was said to be Cleopatra’s beauty secret.

Aside from that, essential oils just float on the top of the bath water instead of dispersing through it if they aren’t mixed with something.

But the best part…water amplifies intention.

So, say an affirmation while soaking!

For example, say you’re confused about what’s happening in your life- or the world-

Take a nice whiff of Magnify Your Purpose essential oil, and then mix a few drops with a cup of milk. Add it to the bath water, and, while soaking, affirm I AM CENTERED AND FOCUSED.

Just a beginning.