For the Love of February!

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27545176_10106006274115442_6782253945404485959_nJust in time for Valentine’s Day – Young Living’s new Savvy Mineral Makeup is a toxic free makeup line that isPSK Savvy options absolutely gorgeous!  And NOW we have a Savvy Mineral Premium Starter Kit…. BAM!  With 4 different kits to choose from, so you can get the best color match – Cool #2, Warm #2 or Dark #1 or Dark #2.  You’re sure to find a color that suits your skin tone.  This kit includes 1 Foundation, 1 Blush, 3 Eye Shadows, 1 Lip Gloss, Misting Spray (don’t skip this step – it makes all the difference and gives a smooth appearance even for women with character lines). 🙂  If you are getting the Premium Starter Kit to open a new account, here’s some added suggestions to help you get the most FREE products by getting all the promos for the month!  Talk about VALUE!!!


How about some great ideas for amping up a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day?  The quickest way to set the “mood” for anything, including romance, is by diffusing the right essential oil into the air – the olfactory bulb has a direct connection to the brain and can influence moods faster than anything I’ve ever seen!  Some favorites for romance are:  Sensation, Joy, Orange, Valor, Idaho Blue Sprice, Ylang Ylang…. pick the one that puts you in a good mood and diffuse it to create the romantic atmosphere you desire!

17_Diffuser Recipes


15.1_Massage oil_USA personal massage oil that some call “romance in a bottle” – it smells really divine, and encourages feelings of romance.  And we’ve got oils for men, too!  13.1_Oils For Men13.2_Oils For MenWhatever your plans for Valentine’s Day – or the rest of the year, make Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils part of your journey – you will be glad you did.  And don’t forget the NingXia Nitro for more energy! 😉