Step 3 in the Young Living Lifestyle

Jacque McLaughlinEssential Oils, Home Business, Toxic Free, Young Living

Now that you’ve seen how amazing Young Living products are when it comes to making healthier choices for your family, the next step is to Pay it Forward!  By helping others discover how to make Young Living their choice for healthier living, you can even earn extra money to help you pay for your own products!  Now, That’s a Win/Win for everyone!

Just share your member number with your friends and family and they can set up their own wholesale account with yOne-on-Oneou as their sponsor and enroller – just have them go to and click on the Sign Up tab!  When they choose one of the Premium Starter Kits, Young Living will pay you $50 for helping them get started!  When you log in to your Young Living wholesale account, you can even set up automatic deposit, so the money you earn by helping others get their own wholesale account gets deposited to your bank account automatically every month (somewhere around the 18th of the month you will get paid for the previous month’s enrollments & ongoing purchases).

You get to decide just how much you want to share with others – there are no requirements or obligations – only rewards.  One thing to keep in mind, though, is this:  YOU must have placed a 50 PV total order for the month in which you enrolled someone.  The easiest way to make sure you never miss out on a paycheck is to set up a 100 PV order in your Essential Rewards (This will cover you for ALL income you might be earning through bonuses and commissions).

While you are at it, be sure to set up the PV Assistant in your Essential Rewards account.  You choose what your minimum order per month will be (50 PV is sufficient if you are earning the bonus for helping someone enroll; 100 PV if you are earning commissions on people’s ongoing purchases after they have enrolled), and create a list of products you want in case something you have in your ER order goes out of stock.  If that happens, Young Living will choose from your list (starting at the top – so put your least expensive items first) until your minimum is met.  This is a great failsafe to make sure you never miss out on a paycheck!