Young Living is not for everyone!

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While we are very happy with the health and wellness benefits we’re seeing from our Young Living products, they are NOT for everyone. There are some reasons why you might not want to use Young Living’s products. You should NOT use Young Living products if…. You want to hang on tightly to ALL THE STRESS of your day. Do you … Read More

Diffusers, Diffusers, Diffusers!

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This is my favorite non-Young Living diffuser that I got on Amazon… It’s absolutely Beautiful! They have it in Gold, too! I use diffusers all over my house!  Yes, practically every room in my house has a diffuser in it.  I don’t run them all every day, but I do love having the ability to create a fabulous atmosphere in … Read More

Step 2 in the Young Living Lifestyle

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You have your wholesale account set up, now what?  The smart, savvy Young Living members recognize the first step to getting the most return on your investment in having a Young Living wholesale account is taking advantage of the Essential Rewards program!  This is a Reward program for those who take creating a healthier lifestyle seriously by changing their monthly … Read More

Stress Away Essential Oil

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Day 11 of our exploration of the oils in the YL Premium Starter Kit is Stress Away! This is really a favorite of everyone who smells it. One whiff, and you can just feel your body relax…. Try it – You’ll Like It! Don’t have a wholesale account yet?  What are you waiting for?

DiGize Essential Oil Blend

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The next oil in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit is DiGize! When I travel my digestive system often “complains” – this oil is my “Must Have” oil when I’m traveling. A drop or two under the tongue or in a glass of water works wonders! Love my DiGize and I’m so happy they have added it to the Premium … Read More

Young Living’s PanAway Essential Oil Blend

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I absolutely love having Young Living’s PanAway Essential Oil Blend on hand for those days when I overdo it at the gym, or working in the flowerbeds, or going on a hike!  It also makes a great foot soak, too, with some Epsom salts.  Give it a try sometime!  If you don’t have a wholesale account of your own and … Read More

Young Living’s R.C. Essential Oil Blend

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I just love using R.C. Essential Oil Blend from Young Living to support a healthy respiratory system.  I like to use it topically on my chest throughout the day and right before bed.  I grew up with respiratory challenges and this is my favorite oil for supporting my respiratory system in a way that I no longer have those challenges! … Read More

Copaiba Essential Oil

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Let’s dive into day 5 of exploring the YL Premium Starter Kit and talk about Copaiba essential oil! I’m so glad they decided to add Copaiba essential oil to the kit, as it is one of my favorite oil supplements! A few drops of this in my NingXia Red every day or in a capsule brings amazing support to my whole body! … Read More


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Day 4 exploring the oils in the Young Living Oils Premium Starter Kit! I love peppermint – it’s invigorating, cooling, and helps me stay sharp! Read some of the common uses for Young Living peppermint oil! Peppermint to the Rescue! I recently had some long road trips, and Peppermint was my best friend.  When I would get tired of driving, … Read More