12 Days of Christmas… Day 6… Thieves

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BLEND: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary cineol

– Clove: Cleansing. May help create feelings of protection and courage.
– Lemon: Cleansing. Promotes health, physical energy, and purification. Invigorating, enhancing, and warming.
– Cinnamon bark: powerfully purifying, may help oxygenate and is an enhancer of other oils. Stimulating.
– Eucalyptus Radiata: One your respiratory system loves.
– Rosemary cineol: Energizing the solar plexus and may reduce mental fatigue.

Most popular blend around! Thieves blend was inspired by the legend of four thieves in France who used these herbs while robbing the dead and dying. Thieves vitality is highly regarded for its ability to support the immune system and oral health. Highly recommend looking this one up in your reference app. It will give you a lot more insight on uses that we can’t talk about!

Fun experiment: Have you ever seen what happens to a piece of bread when you put three drops of Thieves oil on one corner and then let it sit in a plastic bag on the counter for a month? This is a really cool experiment and so fun for kids to watch, too! DO. IT. You will be amazed and you will probably start to spray your shower down after every use and never let this oil run low. =)


– Thieves Vitality tea when you need to stay above the wellness line.
– Diffuse to cleanse the air and keep everyone healthy
– A drop on your toothpaste to promote good oral health.

4-8 drops in your diffuser for a warm cinnamon/clove fall scent. This goes in the diffuser double time when doing activities around a lot of people or during season changes. (school, travel, fall, winter, spring transitions etc).

Put one drop in/on diffuser jewelry and wear throughout the day.

Please dilute Thieves oil before applying topically. Clove is considered a hot oil. To avoid irritation or any burning sensation to skin please dilute with a carrier oil. 1 drop per one TBS for children* and 1 drop per ½-1 tsp for anyone else. If you apply and it does feel too warm, apply more carrier oil to skin to dilute even further.

Apply to spine, feet, and throat, stomach, and intestines as needed.

1 drop Thieves and 15 drops V6 oil or carrier of choice and massage the thymus and under arms (to find out why, look in your ref app or book)

When you feel you need a little extra TLC Apply Thieves to feet and Immupower or Exodus ll to throat multiple times a day. Then alternate the next day putting Thieves on the throat and one of the others on your feet. Continue this regimen until 24-48 hours after you feel 100%.

Thieves Vitality is an amazing oil to use on a regular basis to support your immune system to stay above the wellness line. We recommend using Thieves every other day in a veggie capsule or tea along with your other regular oils.

– Immupower
– Exodus ll
– Frankincense

A few product favorites that contain this oil:
– The entire Thieves line is a must have in the home.
– Thieves Essential Rewards 3697 (ER orders only)
– Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops 5760
– Thieves Laundry Soap 5349
– Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 fl oz 3743 (64 oz 4475)
– Inner Defense 30 Softgels 3295


Immune supporting tea:

– 1 drop Frankincense Vitality
– 1 drop Lemon Vitality
– 1 drop Peppermint Vitality
– 1 drop Thieves Vitality
…for a wonderful digestive and immune boosting tea.

Immune support roller:

– 4 drops Frankincense
– 4 drops Thieves

Immune Support Diffuser:

– 3 drops Thieves
– 2 drops Vetiver
…for a calming and cleansing blend.

Deep Cleaning Scrub With Thieves Cleaner:


Wood Cleaner & Polish:

– ½ Cup sweet almond oil
– 10 drops Thieves oil or ¼ cup Thieves Household Cleaner
– 5 Drops Orange essential oil
– 5 drops Pine essential oil

Mix together and store in a mason jar. Apply a little to a rag and polish any wood surface. A little goes a long way.

Sink, Tile & Tub scrub:

– 1 cup baking soda
– 2 tsp castile soap or Thieves dish soap
– ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide
– 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
– 8 drops Lemon essential oil
– 5 drops Thieves essential oil

Mix together and scrub a dub-dub.

Carpet Refresher:

– 2 cups baking soda
– 15 drops Purification essential oil
– 15 drops Thieves essential oil

Mix ingredients in a container. Mason jar or YL protein complete type container works well. Sprinkle over carpets; leave on for at least 15-30 minutes to absorb odors then vacuum up.

Also great to sprinkle a few TBS in your kittie litter box when cleaning.

Room or Linen Spray:

– 3 Tbs vodka or witch hazel
– 1 cup distilled water
– 20 drops of Thieves essential oil.


*Some chose to not use Thieves on their small children. There are many schools of thought on the safety of oils.

Our advice to you is please use YOUR judgment.

Please remember everyone responds differently to everything so our advice with any oil is to dilute and start slow. Especially with small children or those who tend to be more sensitive, we recommend applying it to the bottoms of their feet. If you do not feel comfortable using an oil, then don’t! That is the beauty of having so many options. There are so many different oils out there with similar yet different properties that if you don’t respond to one, there is always another one to try! Pine, Frankincense, Lemon, and Tea Tree all diluted are all great alternative options when it comes to immune systems and children.

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Tell me if you can pick just one, which Thieves product/oil is the one you use most!

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  1. Andi Bush

    I can’t pick ONE. I think my top three are the oil, cleaner and handsoap. I couldn’t do without those. 😊

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