Some of the Best Essential Oils Used to Make Iced Tea!

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teaSummer Time…Summer Time… Sum…Sum…Summer Time!! Who remembers that old commercial… Summer Time Fun!! And along with the great Summer Time of course comes drinking cool refreshing Iced Tea!!  I am from the south, below the Mason Dixon Line, and we drink “Sweet Tea”!! The sweeter the better!! But of course with trying to be healthier as well as watch my waistline… I don’t need all that sugar:(  Plus, since I have started on the Essential Oil Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle, I have found several oils that make a  Delicious flavored Iced Tea… YUM!!! And of course… which Oils do I use ? None other then  Young Living Essential Oils … 100% Therapeutic Grade… Seed to Seal Guaranteed!! So lets see if we can find one that you and your family will enjoy!

I think everybody already knows how to make iced tea, right? But if by chance you really don’t, please feel free to email and I will be more then happy to go through step by step instructions for you;) But for these recipes, we are going to say that we are starting with a gallon of already brewed tea(we use 5 tea bags per gallon). Which kind of tea to use? Well whichever you prefer… Black or Green,White,Herbal(organic is best)! And sweetener? Well that is up to you of course , but my family prefers local raw honey or raw sugar cane!! You will probably only be using a couple drops of oil because it is so powerful in taste and potency… you don’t want to over do it. I start with 4 drops per gallon, and depending on the oil, I might add another drop after tasting!

Peppermint Iced Tea   
Add  Young Living Peppermint essential oil (Pour over ice…garnish with a sprig of mint and enjoy<3

Peppermint/Lime Cooler

Add a little oomph to your Peppermint Iced Tea by just adding a few drops of  YL Lime Essential Oil… garnish with a slice of lime<3

Orange Iced Tea Refresher

Now for this refreshing Orange Essential Oil Iced Tea just  add 4 drops of oil to it. You may be tempted to add more but don’t… just a couple drops of Orange Essential Oil is like squeezing dozens of fresh oranges into your tea!! Pour over ice and enjoy<3

Lemon Essential Oil Old Fashion Iced Tea… everyone’s favorite!! Remember… just a few drops go along way;) Pour over ice… garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy<3

Sweetened Grapefruit Iced Tea… try using Honey as the sweetener for this refreshing citrusy tasting tea. Also, you might want to add up to 6 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda(to reduce bitterness) if needed. Pour over ice and enjoy… I am sure you will be making this simple recipe all summer long<3

Iced Tea with Ginger Essential Oil

This is a very refreshing drink for a hot summers day…  start by adding 3 or 4 drops of Young Living Ginger Essential Oil to the brewed tea. Honey would be a nice sweetener to add… and maybe a few slices of Lime!! Pour over ice and enjoy<3




5ecef4054af205979f139d26280122dbLOL… this is not my cat… just a picture I found on the web… but I can tell that he is a happy cat so he must be drinking a Iced Tea made with Young Living Essential Oils;)

How about your family… do you have a special Iced Tea using Essential Oils? Please share in Comment section below!


Happy Oiling~Dee~


Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, just a Mom who wants to share her love and passion about Essential Oils. This information is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to diagnose,prescribe,treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor replace current medical treatment or drugs prescribed  by a healthcare professional. Statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.











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