Starter Kit Oils… Frankincense… If it’s good enough for Jesus…

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Hi… my name is Dee… and I am addicted … on Frankincense!! lol… Seriously though… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this oil…  it was the first oil from my kit that when I used it, I was made a believer on the spot!! If I could only pick one oil to use the rest of my life… it would be this one… can not… will not… live without it;) If you read my first blog, “In The Beginning”  , I just touched a little bit on how Frankincense calmed my broken heart after my sweet Momma passed away! You might be asking how could that happen? Well I knew nothing about Essential Oils until a few months after Momma passed away suddenly from cancer… a friend introduced me and I signed up. But during the time between Momma passing and starting with oils, I went into a deep depression and was having severe anxiety attacks… Of course my doctor had put me on meds… meds that were addictive and actually could cause more anxiety:(  I hated the way I felt… and to be honest, I just wanted to die also. But since that wasn’t to be and the Lord had other plans for me, I started researching my oils and what other people had found to help them with depression and anxiety. I have to say there were several combinations of oils that helped them, but Frankincense seemed to pop out at me and I decided to give it a shot… When I felt an attack coming on, I RAN for my Frank, and put one drop under my tongue and within a few minutes(and only a few) I calmed down!! I repeated this every time I started to feel one coming on… and every time it never happened!! From that moment on, I was a believer in Essential Oils and Frankincense!!! Love…Love…Love it<3


Even my hubby has gotten on board with Frank and Sacred Frankincense … several years ago they found skin cancer at his eye… he had surgery to remove it.  The other month he noticed that there was a spot starting on the scar and wanted me to apply Frankincense on it… (pretty neat to have a hubby who does his own research on the oils and knows what he wants!)… we did this a couple times a day, and it was lightening up, but it wasn’t until we added Sacred Frankincense on top of Frankincense, that within days the spot was gone!! I usually applied the oils since it was so close to the eye(you don’t want to get oils in the eye) so I asked him if he had seen it was gone… he laughed and sad he thought it was , but he needed his glasses on to be able to see, but couldn’t see with them on… lol… guess our next journey road might be working on eyesight;) lol

redone sacred


Here are some ways to use Frankincense:

Frankincense is know as one of the best natural ways to support healthy skin.

  1. May help reduce Wrinkles and Acne
  2. May fade away Scars… Sun Spots…Stretch Marks
  3. May Remove Skin Tags and Warts(this definitely worked for me!)
  4. May ease Depression and anxiety
  5. May help relieve itchy skin
  6. May help relax and to sleep better
  7. May help with arthritis and headaches
  8. May Boost the Immune System
  9. May help brittle nails
  10. May improve Concentration
  11. May help remove Odors
  12. May be used in DIY Beauty Products


Some DIY Recipes:





Of course there are many more ways to use Frank in our everyday lives…  I hope to be sharing more in future blogs… but PLEASE feel free to comment below and share your recipes or testimonies about this wonderful oil! I would enjoy meeting you.

Next In Series… Copaiba

Happy Oiling~Dee~


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease. I am a Mom and Gusta(means Grandma) , who is trying to travel down a natural road on a journey towards a  healthier lifestyle, and have chosen to use Essential Oils to get there! You must use your own judgment for you and your family;)


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