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Thieves… Thieves Vitality… and More Thieves


We are going to start off today with a little history lesson! Where did the name Thieves derive from… are you ready;)

Europeans began producing essential oils in the 12th century. During the Plague of the 15th century, certain thieves would enter the homes of the Black Plague victims, and seemed to have no fear of touching the bodies as they searched for money and jewelry. Finally, four thieves were captured in Marseilles, France, and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims of the plague, and the King wanted to know their secret. At the trial, the magistrate offered them leniency if they would reveal how they managed to avoid contracting the dreaded infection, in spite of their close contact with infected corpses. It seemed that their secret was that the  thieves were perfumers and spice traders who had knowledge about how to use oils medicinally and prophylactically against disease! So they rubbed themselves with a concoction of aromatic herbs (cinnamon, clove, and oregano). Of course they were left go, and the King got the exact formulation that they used, and this saved his entire family from the Plague!! And now you know:)

Today, Thieves has been university tested and found to be highly effective against air borne bacteria! There are so many ways to use Thieves that I can not even begin to include all of them in this blog, but I will try and narrow it down to the best I can, and will be adding more through out future blogs:)

Thieves Vitality is what comes in the kit… it is 5ml bottle and is for “dietary” use. Thieves comes in a 15 ml bottle is labeled “topical use” because of FDA requirements.


  • Purifies the air when diffused
  • Contains the naturally occurring constituents limonene, eugenol and eucalyptol (please research these powerful constituents to learn more!)
  • Purifies and cleanses which is why it is a key ingredient in the Thieves Household Cleaner (a non toxic cleaner by Young Living.
  • Thieves oil blend can be found in your references materials.
  • Rich, earthy & spicy aroma
  • Carpet Powder: refresh carpets by adding 10 drops to a cup of baking soda. Combine,shake,and sprinkle over carpets before vacuuming.
  • Refrigerator: add 10 drops to a cup of baking soda. Mix well and put in shallow bowl in the refrigerator overnight to absorb food odors.
  • Household refresh: place 2-6 drops in a small spray bottle and fill with water(purified is best… remember… trying to stay away from chemicals!) spray countertops, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and doorknobs!! I have a couple bottles of this made up for each floor level in my house;)
  • Remove splinters: place 1 drop on cotton ball and secure over splinter with band aid overnight, in the morning the splinter will rise to top and you can easily remove and there will be no “ouchie”!! Let me tell you that this worked for my tough hubby, who seemed to become a baby when he had a splinter in his foot;) He couldn’t even walk on it because it hurt him so bad. He finally asked me what oils might help… so I applied the Thieves as described above and he went to bed. I called him the next morning at work asking how it was, and he started laughing saying how when he got out of bed in morning, that he actually walked on it and felt NOTHING!! He was surprised…lol! I asked if he removed the splinter and applied Purification on it as I told him too, and again he laughed and said no, it fell out and was fine. Men!! lol… or at least my man;)



Thieves Vitality :Highly effective in supporting the immune system

  • Taken internally, contains Eucalyptus Radiata and it may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.
  • Gargle: 1 drop Thieves, salt, & water
  • Supports normal blood sugar
  • Add a drop or two to a cup of warm water as part of a wellness regime
  • Supports healthy gums and teeth – use this in your everyday oral care regime… actually we are using this along with Thieves Mouthwash, for removing tartar off our dogs teeth(more on that to come with Animal Care 101!
  • Spicy delight: add a drop to your morning beverage to give it a boost.



Young Living… Delivering All Sorts of AWESOME!

Did you know that Young Living has an ENTIRE line of Thieves products? How cool is that? The items shown in the image above are just some of the products from the Thieves line. Click onto , then click on “Search” button in top right corner, and type in Thieves and check out the awesome Thieves products that Young Living offers!! Mouthwash, Cough Drops, Toothpaste,Dish washer powder, Hand Sanitizer, and so much more… even a Thieves Premium Starter Kit!!

Remember, if you are interested in either just ordering any Thieves oil or products, or if you want to become a member and be able to SAVE on orders… you can do so by going  to ! Remember to use my Member #2566110 when you order. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help!

Coming Up Next in the Starter Kit Oils…Frankincense

Happy Oiling~Dee~


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease.

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