Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

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The First Way Is Inhalation

Inhale directly from the bottle

Wear a diffuser necklace/bracelet

Apply a few drops to hands then cup over nose and mouth and inhale

Diffuse in a diffuser–it vaporizes the oils and gets them into the air to breathe. An ultrasonic diffuser puts out cool vapor. Not hot steam. Diffusing is a great way to wake up a room of people or relax them. Lastly, it’s a great way to SAFELY make your home smell amazing withOUT toxic air fresheners!

Second Way Is Topical


The Second way is Topical. Because of their molecular structure, EOs are rapidly absorbed by the skin. When applying oils to the bottoms of feet, sensitive people sometimes can taste it in their mouth. Our pores on soles of our feet are very big and have great absorption.


  • Apply to wrists, soles of the feet before bed, back of neck and shoulders, or any area in need of benefits of the oils
  • Massage undiluted (neat) or with carrier oil
  • Compress (Warm or Cold)
  • In your bath

Always refer to the bottle label or reference materials for usage directions


Third Way Is Ingestion

glass-water-on-moss-food-1-screensaverAdd to an empty capsule

Add a drop to a glass of water (glass or stainless steel containers only)

Add a drop under your tongue

You can even cook with many of the oils! Peppermint or Orange organic Brownies anyone? Mmm! Yes, Please!

*Some oils are hot and adding to a small spoon of olive or coconut oil can take out the heat on your tongue since they are carrier oils. Adding a squirt of raw honey to the mixture will sweeten it up. Kids really love it that way too!

Look for out next Blog, when we start to cover the oils found in the Starter Kit and the great things about them!

Happy Oiling~Dee~
This information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease. Information taught in this series applies ONLY to Young Living Essential Oils.

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