A Few of My favorite Purchases in 2018!

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Everybody has been asking me, “Where did you get __________? Fill in the blank! I post tips and tricks, I post make and takes and recipes and then I get a ton of questions asking me where to get the products and/or recipes I used! So I thought I would share the pictures and the links here on my blog and make it easy for you!

After publishing my book “REBOOT” in July 2018 and sharing about it on Facebook, so many people asked me how they could get it. It is available in two formats; printed and Kindle on Amazon and I’ve made it easy for you to find. Choose the printed Version ($7.95). Clicking on the picture below takes you to Amazon to purchase.

Choose the Kindle version! ($4.95) – Clicking on the picture below takes you to Amazon to purchase.

(By the way: As an Amazon Associate I earn $$ from qualifying purchases. This means I may make a few cents from some clicks on items, at no cost to you….so thanks for clicking here!)

This next item is not an “oily” purchase, but a re-purchase in 2018.
In 2015, I mentioned that I purchased a bidet as the best purchase I made that year. I recently bought this bidet for my 80 year-old mother. After a couple of hospitalizations, she was having a difficult time getting clean…this has been so ‘refreshing’. Why don’t we have these in every bathroom? This bidet is super easy to hook up to any existing commode! I promise you will love this!

I order tons of bottles to make bathroom sprays too. You know, kind of like “Poo-pourri,” but made with non-toxic, natural essential oils. These are so safe, you can use these sprays in the bathroom, bedroom, car, or even on yourself. Here are a few coloroful options for bottles in blue, brown and green. The sprayer sprays a fine mist.

I love these brown bottles! They even came with labels and funnels to help you fill your bottles without spilling.

All my green and gold, NDSU BISON friends love, love, love these green spray bottles! Horns up!

These roll-on bottles are so beautiful. The covers are gold and silver and the roller ball is well-made and corrosion resistant steel. It even comes with a cute little key that has cut-outs that remove the roller ball without damaging it. It was packaged very well in a heavy duty Styrofoam to prevent breakage in shipping and holds the roller bottles in place while filling with your favorite essential oil blends and perfumes. You will order these roller bottles over and over again.

If you have ever made or never made lip balms, this kit will be your best friend. Just press each of the included dispensing tubes into the filling tray, pour your lip balm mixture into the top of the tray, and spread it evenly with the included spatula. That’s it! Make great gifts for friends and family! I made 150 wedding lip balm favors for my daughter’s wedding and this made filling the lip balm tubes so easy! Order extra tubes in the next link below. And following that is a label that has a tab to ensure that your lip balms are tamper-resistant.

160 labels that can be sent through your ink jet printer. Create and print your own design.

Here is a picture of the lip balm labels I made for my daughter’s wedding.

This beeswax will be a great addition to any lip balm recipe and my recipe also calls for shea butter. Shea butter will add a luxurious, soft glide to your lip balm while adding moisture to keep your lips soft, supple and kissable. I get so many compliments on my lip balm…here is the recipe.

2 ½ oz. Sweet almond oil
1 oz. Beeswax
½ oz. Coconut oil
½ oz. Shea butter
15 drops essential oil (Your choice: Peppermint, lavender-spearmint, grapefruit) I personally like a blend of lavender and peppermint*.
Instructions: Combine sweet almond oil, beeswax and coconut oil. Microwave for about 90 seconds in 30 second increments or use a double boiler. If the beeswax is not completely melted, microwave in 15 second increments. Be careful this can be dangerous in your microwave and can even break the glass as it gets VERY hot. Add the Shea butter…(Shea butter can get grainy if you add before microwaving). Stir till dissolved. Cool slightly and add essential oils, stir and fill tubes. Allow to cool, cover, label and ENJOY!
Makes about 14-16 lip balm tubes.

*Both peppermint and lavender are available in the Young Living Oils Premium Starter Kit. When you order a Premium Starter Kit, you become a wholesale member. Members receive 24% off the retail prices and ordering is easy. Purchase the Premium Starter Kit was my best purchase of 2018.

Bath Bombs are all the rage right now. Every recipe calls for citric acid. Citric acid is what makes bath bombs fizz.  I love this 5 pound bag of 100% Pure, High Quality Citric Acid packaged in the USA. I have  several bath bomb recipes on my Pinterest Page.  Find your favorite one here: https://www.pinterest.com/krodin/getting-oily-oily-baa-lievers/

I hope you have enjoyed my favorite purchases in 2018. I hope they become your favorites too. Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. If you liked this blog post, please subscribe.

Happy New Year! May 2019 be your best year yet!