Cardboard Tube Graveyard

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Do you have a box that looks like this? I call this my “Essential Oil Cardboard Tube Graveyard”.

Cardboard Tubes

If you have been a YL member  for a while and you don’t throw things away or you like to recycle….you have one of these cardboard tube graveyards too!  I hated to throw them away because I always thought I would find a use for them someday! Most great ideas are born because there is a “need” or a problem to solve. Enter my problem to solve…

Messy box of oils

This is my box of unopened bottles of essential oils that I have on hand. I take this box with me when I go to vendor shows. It starts out with all the bottles in a nice row, protected with bubble wrap and alphabetized for easy and quick identification in case someone wants to buy a bottle or two or ten. But by the time I get them home again, they are all messed up. So, this problem got me asking myself…”What do I have in my possession already that I could use to help me keep this box organized?” I always ask myself this question first before going out and buying something.

It wasn’t until I went in my laundry room with a large load of clothes in my arms to put in the wash that the answer snagged me…literally. The clothes were spilling over my arms and snagged the flap of the box of tubes causing them to tumble all over the floor. It was like the clothes in my arms were trying to get my attention saying, “Hey Genius! Look at what you already have!” Exasperated, I thought, “what a mess” and picked them up and wondered for the 100th time, what I could do with them or make with them. It was like I had two problems…an abundance of cardboard tubes and an abundance of essential oils (that come to me in cardboard tubes) that needed organizing.

PERSPECTIVE is everything…

Sometimes we just need to change our perspective. What I had was already in my possession!! It wasn’t a problem…it was an abundant solution. I already had this pretty box that I found on clearance at Michaels. I love the saying on it…I think it is so appropriate for Young Living Essential Oils. They are the best oils on the planet. If you are looking for 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, start with 11 of the most popular ones in the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a diffuser too! Order anytime and I will support you on your Young Living journey!

Plant the Seeds box

And I had an abundance of cardboard tubes screaming to be used for my abundance of essential oils. Genius! No problem…my perspective changed…I started getting to work…

First I measured the height of the cardboard tube I would need to hold either a 5 ml or 15 ml bottle of essential oil. I chose one and three quarters inches.

Cut to size

This allowed me to be able to pull it out of the tube by the cap.

Cut tube height

Then I started resurrecting my graveyard of cardboard tubes and marking tubes every inch and three quarters. Then with my Cutco knife began cutting and cutting and cutting…Not going to lie…you are going to need some elbow grease for this step. (See my electric knife? Yah…that didn’t work).

Sharp knife

The next step was to begin gluing these stumpy little tubes together. I tried my Tacky Glue first, but resorted to my low heat glue gun because it was quicker. I need results…fast! I started gluing them in twos, then twos into four and so on. Hint: line them up on a straight edge or against the side of the box while gluing them together to keep them in a straight line.

Glue gun

Oils unorganized

My box was about 14 1/2 inches so I was able to put 10 tubes in one row. I tested how many would fit before I started gluing them together…I know…I’m a genius. 🙂

10 in a row

So I kept cutting and gluing…BTW…if the edges are a little rough, you can trim them easily with a scissors. WARNING: Don’t use your mama’s good sewing scissors or she’ll be really mad!

3 rows of 10

And cutting and gluing and cutting and gluing…until I had seven rows of 10. I chose to not glue each row to each other. If my oil stash goes down, I might be able to remove a row or two and add other YL products.

7 rows of 10

Then came the fun part…putting my oils in neatly and alphabetized…First the 15 ml bottles…

30 15 ml bottles

Then I added the 5 ml bottles until my box was full.  I suppose you could intermingle the 5 ml and 15 ml bottles alphabetically too. Whatever you like. 70 bottles of oil in all! Confession time…I still had twenty 5 ml bottles that didn’t fit in this box. Wow! 90 bottles of oils! I may need to go to EO for addicts…”Hi, my name is Kathy…I’m an essential oil addict. It has been less than 30 days since my last essential oil order!” Well, yah…I’m on Essential Rewards! Most of the 90 bottles of oil were FREE! If you love essential oils and you love getting FREE oils…learn more about the opportunity and rewards of Essential Rewards.

all my oils in a row alpha

I supposed if you have access to a printer, you could print small bottle cap labels to identify what each bottle is without lifting it out of the tube. I think you can find some free ones on the Oil Posse website. Those gals are so creative and generous. I might still do that.

I added some bubble wrap on top for extra protection when I travel to my next show.

bubble wrap

I love it! And it didn’t cost me a thing to do this! Just some time and elbow grease! My elbow is a little stiff from all that cutting…but that’s okay…I HAVE AN OIL (or two) FOR THAT!

Leave me a comment if you like this idea or have an idea to make it even better!