DIY Shower Melts

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My dear friend Kathleen inspired me to make these cute shower melts. She is a member of the Oily Baa-lievers team and was asking me questions about making shower melts. Her questions got me inspired to make my own. In my research I discovered there are recipes that use citric acid and some that do not. Citric acid is mostly used … Read More

Elderberry Syrup – A DIY Immune Boost

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Note: This article includes Affiliate links. Clicking on the links will not cost you a penny, but I may make a few cents. Thank you for supporting my page. Did you know you can not only buy elderberry syrup in the store, but you can make your own? I love DIY so I just made a big batch of elderberry … Read More

Instant Pot Yogurt – Recipe, Tips and Links

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Heads up! This blog post contains affiliate links…if you click on and buy something from one of the links, it will not cost you a penny more but I may make a few cents commission. Thank you for your support. My love for yogurt has been a slow and steady journey and an acquired taste. I didn’t start eating it … Read More

A Few of My favorite Purchases in 2018!

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Everybody has been asking me, “Where did you get __________? Fill in the blank! I post tips and tricks, I post make and takes and recipes and then I get a ton of questions asking me where to get the products and/or recipes I used! So I thought I would share the pictures and the links here on my blog … Read More

REBOOT – Release Emotions and Remember Wholeness Using Essential Oils

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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who purchased  a copy or copies of REBOOT at AromaSharing 2019 in Salt Lake City! Purchase BULK/DISCOUNTED copies by contacting us at Have you ever said this? “My emotions got the best of me!” Or have you ever used these two words together? Emotional + Baggage. ” She/He has a lot of ’emotional baggage’.” … Read More

Add Vitality to Your Holiday Meal!

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We always cook the traditional meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It just wouldn’t seem like either if we didn’t have Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, green beans and pumpkin pie. And for my hubby…cranberries! But it does get a little boring, so why not change it up a little and add some VITALITY OILS to  your tried and … Read More

GOOD BYE Dryer Sheets AND Static Cling!!

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My husband and I had just sat down to dinner the other day when the dryer buzzer went off. Not exactly great timing! After he heard my groan, being the great husband that he is, he said he would help me since most of what was in the dryer was his work clothes that needed hanging. Supper could wait for … Read More

Cardboard Tube Graveyard

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Do you have a box that looks like this? I call this my “Essential Oil Cardboard Tube Graveyard”. If you have been a YL member  for a while and you don’t throw things away or you like to recycle….you have one of these cardboard tube graveyards too!  I hated to throw them away because I always thought I would find … Read More

My AHA Moment and My AHHHH Life!

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I recently had an “AHA moment” about my life purpose. Would it be okay if I shared it with you? In high school, a long time ago, one of my favorite classes was Health Occupations. This class, taught by a nurse, Mrs. Hehr, was pivotal in my choosing a health career. I enrolled in Presentation College after high school, but … Read More

HEALTHY Chocolate!

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Is there such a thing as HEALTHY chocolate? In a word. YES! Credit for the recipe below goes to a friend of mine…one that I’ve never met, but we are friends nevertheless! She lives in Canada and I live in the USA. That’s the beauty of being in community with other Young Living ‘oilers’…we share our healthy greatness with each … Read More