REBOOT – Release Emotions and Remember Wholeness Using Essential Oils

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Have you ever said this? “My emotions got the best of me!” Or have you ever used these two words together? Emotional + Baggage. ” She/He has a lot of ’emotional baggage’.” Or you have said this about yourself, “I am an emotional wreck!” You don’t have to be a slave to your emotions any longer, there is hope. It’s time to REBOOT!

REBOOT is a practical, educational, “how-to” guide to using therapeutic-grade essential oils for emotional and overall well-being. In a seamless blend of science, scripture, and story combined with great compassion and insight, REBOOT will give you clarity and confidence concerning emotional release with essential oils. After you read REBOOT and apply the tools inside, you will reawaken and realign to Truth and experience new levels of emotional wholeness and freedom. You will then be compelled to share REBOOT with your family, friends and organizations by purchasing several copies and hosting REBOOT essential oil classes.

REBOOT is designed for anyone who wants to learn about essential oils for their emotional well-being and/or soar to new heights in their personal development. It is perfect for essential oils users, entrepreneurs, Christians, emotional release instructors, therapists, massage therapists, and all who are helping others to REBOOT and find a new start in life.

In the pages of REBOOT, learn to:

  • Rely on and understand the science of essential oils
  • Reawaken with therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Release painful emotional patterns and unhealthy cycles
  • Replace negative self-talk with powerful affirmations
  • Remove lies and limiting beliefs
  • Remember wholeness – body, soul, and spirit
  • Realign your heart to Truth
  • Respond with love in your relationships
  • Reflect love and positivity in the world

Purchase REBOOT for your own personal development and purchase several copies to host small or large REBOOT classes! Invest in yourself, your team, your organization and the world? It’s time to REBOOT! What are you waiting for?

What people are saying about REBOOT!

“I just have to say this book is amazing. I love how Kathleen has connected all the dots to emotions, oils, the Bible and science.” ~ Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon

“You will find so many ways to incorporate this book into your life; use this book for your own personal journey and growth, in Bible studies, in your essential oil classes, family devotions and much more!” ~Carrie R.

Often we hear truths that rivet our hearts, yet have difficulty knowing how to apply them to our lives. That will not be the case with this book! Kathy has made even the deepest concepts very easy to understand and has created a practical format that will walk you through exactly how to apply what you are learning to your specific situation.” ~ Virginia K.

This is a must-have book for anyone wanting to begin their emotional wellness journey with essential oils.” ~Billie C.

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