Bedtime Infant Massage

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Today’s lesson…Infant Massage

Take your bedtime routine up a notch by adding in a baby massage. The perfect post-bath ritual, it sets the scene for good ZZZs and is an extra sweet way to bond with your little one. According to the Mayo Clinic, infant massage has plenty of great health benefits—it helps your baby relax and sleep, positively affects infant hormones that control stress and can even reduce crying.

Use Young Living’s Seedlings baby oil or lotion, and gently rub your kiddo’s hands, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, belly, neck, and upper back. Talk to your baby and sing soft songs. You can also extend and flex your baby’s arms and legs for soothing stretches. Then say good night to your sweet little one.

NOTE: Try to avoid a massage right after a feeding or when your baby is extra fussy.

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